How to make your house smell like Christmas

Maybe the best thing about Christmas is the scent of it.

Yep. Really.

I’m not a massive fan of the mass consumerism, the endless social media posts making me feel like a failure in my elf-free home or the lying to the kids thing… Iced mince pies are a win though!
Anyway as you’ve clicked through to the post, you presumbaly want to know how to get your home smelling all Christmassy don’t you, so no need for me to ramble on.

For me Christmas smells like cinnamon, peppermint, pine cones, log fires and alll the food. It’s my favourite smelling time of year. If that is even a thing.

Creating and having a clean, organised, welcoming home is a big priority for me and in my family at least, we are still mucho traditional and that responsibility falls to moi. Luckily I love it and can bash on about decluttering, cleaning and life hacks all day. Because I am so much fun…

And with that in mind, here are 974 ways you can make your house smell like Christmas this year. Only kidding…but there are 12 seriously good ones that won’t break the bank.

Thank me later with iced mince pies.

Do you want your house to smell like Christmas this festive season? Create the warm, welcoming, cosy, family home you dream of with these 12 easy, budget-friendly ways to create the scent of Christmas at home

  1. Zoflora. Specifically the Winter Cinnamon scented one. Dab a little onto a cloth and wipe across your radiators. When the heating comes on (it’s always on in this house) it makes the whole house smell like a big Christmas fairyland. You can of course just clean with it like a normal person but I prefer my radiator hack.
  2. Scented candles or diffusers if you are worried about the flame. My absolute 100% favourite candle this season is the Wickford and Co. Gingerbread candle, which I picked up from Home Bargains for around £2.99. It’s the scent everyone comments on when they come into my house and almost everyone who has commented has then gone out and bought one for themselves. It’s so so good. There are some excellent diffusers around as well though and I personally really rate the ones you can buy from NEXT.
  3. Baking bread. I know – nobody has time for that but if you have a bread maker to do all of the hard work for you, all you need to do is tip the ingredients for a fruit loaf with cinnamon in it, leave it to work its magic overnight and you wake in the morning to not only the immensely pleasurable smell of a fresh loaf (feeling my inner Nigella right now) but a Christmassy scented one at that. This is a great one to do if you have guests staying.
  4. Heat up some mulled wine on the stove. You can go all fancy and make it from scratch yourself and it will smell i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e but this blog is aimed at very busy and important mothers who cannot wait around mincing cinnamon sticks so I’d suggest buying a bottle from the shop down the road and heating it up briefly on the stove. Do we even still say ‘stove?’ – whatever, the cooker – you know what I mean. Stove or cooker, real or fake – it will smell super Christmassy.
  5. Scented Christmas crafts. If you are one of the people who thought “yes! I’ll make my own mulled wine” then you may also be the sort who also wants to bake cinnamon ornaments or make scented pinecones. Fun for the kids to help with, will smell incredible and I will doth my cap to you my dear.
  6. Make your own laundry spray – a mix of water and a few Christmassy essential oils in a spray bottle and you can spray your towels and bedding to give a lovely fresh, clean and festive scent to your home. My fave oils are peppermint, cinnamon and pine at this time of year.
  7. Use cinnamon sticks – These little darlings are not cheap but their uses are many. I am a total weirdo and I put them in my hoover bag / drum. As you hoover, the whole house gets a really lovely, mild cinnamon scent to it – perfect for this time of year.
  8. Christmas baking. We know that baking will make any house smell and feel all full of the wonder of baby Jesus (or something) but it can be tricky finding time to don your apron when things are super hectic at this time of year. So, you could consider looking for slow cooker recipes – I was amazed when I was researching this to discover you can bake any number of delish Christmas delights in your slow cooker and return to a home smelling like calories and cake. It’s the ultimate win for a busy mother like myself.
  9. Have a real tree, or foliage or a door wreath. It doesn’t get much more festive than the smell of fresh pine leaves and although it can be a little more time consuming, it could also be totally worth it.
  10. Pomanders. Hurrah for an easy craft! Stuffing an orange with cloves is so easy you can do it with one hand whilst raiding the Quality Street tin for the last toffee. The kids can get involved and orange and cinnamon doesn’t get much more Christmassy. Its a win win all round.
  11. Festive firewood. If you can do this one I’m mighty jealous. It’s a life-long dream of mine to own a log burner. Apparently you can infuse the wood with essential oils such as sandalwood and frankincense and sit back to a gorgeous festive smell. Jealous. Very jealous.
  12. Don’t forget vanilla. This one is a fave – best til’ last and all that. Put three tablespoons of vanilla extract into a oven-proof bowl and heat in the oven for about an hour. Definitely one to do just before the MIL arrives!





  1. January 7, 2018 / 12:34

    The best advice is DON’T forget the VANILLA 🙂 Love it.

    We used to bake cake for the christmas. This year we bake a house shaped cake to celebrate the holiday time. The reason behind this was this year we renovate our House.

    This year it was a lot fun. Our house was full with relatives. I got the festive feel after a long time.

    BTW, Thanks for this cool idea to make the house smell like it is christmas. 🙂
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