The Charlotte Tilbury gifts worth giving this Christmas

Charlotte Tilbury gifts at Christmas - the products worth investing in

I’ve literally been staring at my laptop for what seems like hours (7 minutes to be exact) trying to think of a way to start this post and talk to you about the Charlotte Tilbury gifts I would recommend this year. I wanted to be clever and draw you in, paint you a story with words, make you want to scroll and read more etc etc.

But the truth is, all I want to say is that I really love the Charlotte Tilbury brand. I could not bash on about it anymore to my mum, sisters, friends and even the dog if he will listen. I really, really do love it and I think it is worth bashing on about products this good. As a trained makeup artist I am a notorious fuss-pot and yet I’ve not found a bad product in Charlotte’s range.  And the skincare? Well, it’s literally like the best thing to have happened to my poor, sleep deprived face in years. Better than actual sleep, which is lucky as I’m not getting any of that…

Not only that, but Charlotte has recently launched into the world of fragrance and anyone who knows me, will know I am literally the fussiest perfume customer e-v-e-r and yet I adore this perfume – Scent of Dream so so much. I have actually not been wearing a perfume for about two years because I am so hard to please but nowadays Scent of Dream follows me everywhere.

It is tricky to buy perfume for other people unless you know exactly what they like because fragrance is such a personal thing BUT if you know a beauty addict who loves a touch of luxe and wants a classic but sensual fragrance that really lasts – this is a safe bet. The bottle alone is so beautiful – how could you not love it?

Charlotte Tilbury gifts - Scent of a Dream

Now then, after I wrote about the CT skincare of dreams in a previous post, I was inundated with women on social media asking me to help them choose the right products from Charlotte’s range so I wanted to write this post and share the CT products that I am currently using and loving for Winter and that I think will make an excellent gift or addition to anyone’s makeup bag.


Charlotte Tilbury magic cream 

This is my number one recommendation if you can only afford to choose one thing from her range. It’s my absolute go-to product, it’s so beautifully luxurious and just melts perfectly into your skin without being too greasy or too watery and it preps my face perfectly for all the makeup I seem to be needing these days. Charlotte herself swears by this cream as do all of the top beauty bloggers around and it’s really not hard to see why. As well as feeling lush and smelling lovely, this magical cream is packed full of anti-ageing products so it’s a win win all round. Expensive yes but honestly it’s really worth it.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow

Oh my gawwd I love this primer. Giving an instant soft-glow effect you can use this under your foundation for an extra luminosity (what a word), over your foundation for an unbelievably radiant and flawless finish or over the CT magic cream for a day when makeup seems all too much hassle.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Now hold your horses because anyone who knows me will be like “erm no, Fiona only uses that Maybelline malarkey with the massive fat brush” and you’re right, that has always been my go-to mascara and will always hold a soft spot in my heart. But move over Maybelline, there’s a new girl crush in town and her brush is perkier than yours. Hello Full Fat Lashes.

Massive fat brush = massive big lashes.

Curl, separation, length, volume and drama.

Pretty much the mascara of dreams.

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink

And Bitch Perfect. And a million other colours. Her lipsticks are IT. Everything you will ever need in a lipstick – the colours are perfect, they are moisturising and long-lasting. I chose Penelope Pink as a good all round nudey pink colour that will suit most of us but get yourself down to a CT counter when possible to try out the whole range.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lipliner – Pillow Talk

I have to admit I was never really a lip liner kinda gal before one of the makeup artists taught me the error of my ways. Now I am a total and utter slave to the lip cheat liner and this colour is my fave. You think you don’t need lip liner but trust me you do.

Charlotte Tilbury gifts - lip cheat liner

If you are sitting on the fence then the Beauty Icons kit would do well to make an appearance on your Christmas list this year as it contains this whole collection of products in smaller sizes and you could try them all out without making the financial commitment equivalent to a mortgage.

Charlotte Tilbury gifts - Beauty Icons


Charlotte Tilbury gifts, beauty icons gift set

This beauty icons set and the Scent of a Dream fragrance make such beautiful presents for that special someone in your life but also for yourself. There’s something so rewarding about injecting that little bit of luxe and something special into your daily routine don’t you think?

I say treat yourself and have a very Merry Christmas you beauties.



I am a massive fan of the Charlotte Tilbury range and purchase her products with my own money on a regular basis. However, I was fortunate enough to have been gifted these beautiful products on this occasion xxx


  1. Julia
    December 15, 2017 / 15:08

    That magic cream sounds amazing, I really fancy trying it! I like the look of all those products to be honest!

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