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There is no doubt that the role of a mother is the most demanding and critical in every woman’s life. After all, it is not a few times that it is characterized as a “job”, since the difficulties, the dedication of time and effort they put every day. But most importantly, the education of children are responsibilities and obligations that carry significant weight and responsibility. As you may already know, your attention is constantly focused on your children, especially during the first months or even years of your children’s lives, and your only priority is their care. 

And yes, most of the time you may feel that there is not enough time left for you for doing anything else, but the truth is that all moms need to “escape” at some point from the busy schedule. In many cases, this need for finding a job is also great not only for their potential escape from their ordinary lives but also from an economic point of view. Let’s discover the five most flexible and less demanding professions for a working mother, who seeks her independence but also her financial contribution to the family budget:

Real Estate

The work in the real estate market is very flexible in time. Essentially, the program is defined primarily by the respective broker, who takes care of their appointments. The most considerable workload is usually on weekends and afternoons, as these are the hours and days when most people are free from work to visit a prospective home. With this flexible schedule, you will be able to properly organize your time at home, while at the same time working in association with new people and remaining socially active.

Interior design

Education in the field of interior design may usually be legitimate, but it is not necessary, as long as there is a proper aesthetic and a love for decoration. On the other hand, it is a business step, but the risk is not significant compared to other professions. You can start by offering your services to your family and friends, invest in cheaper advertising and set a low budget, which will help you gradually “develop” a stable clientele. The times, however, are definitely flexible.

Retail sale

Another case in which you do not need any special training, while the schedule varies. The important thing is that the work can be part-time, which means that you do not have to work eight hours a day, while your responsibilities are more limited due to the nature of your work. An option for those mothers who are characterized as more social and extroverted personalities will achieve significant results from this job.

Voice-over services

Voice over services is not something new that has appeared in our lives in recent years. It existed from the existence of almost all kinds of programs that were shown to us through the media, such as television shows, radio shows, etc. Of course, with the rapid development of technology, more people were allowed to evolve and engage in this profession. Obviously, you don’t need to be a professional actor to offer your voice over services. 

All you need for this job is the right articulation, expressiveness and contagiousness you produce with your speech. You will need to get the right equipment for recording voice-overs, but this can be done cheaply and with the use of little budget. If this business opportunity seems interesting to you, then you can visit Voquent’s website to find out how to work with the company and provide your own voice-over services for a competitive salary.

Customer service/call centre

And in this category, the schedule can vary, but it is usually part-time work. It is not tedious, nor does it require any specialized knowledge, while the requirements and responsibilities are quite limited. The necessary prerequisites are common courtesy and good mood.

Fortunately, there are so many different occupations and industries, that it is no longer difficult to find a less demanding job, both in terms of workload and responsibilities and in terms of time! In short, some jobs do not keep the mother away from home and her little ones for many hours, while in some cases they can be wholly occasional and therefore ideal for the transitional stage of returning to work.

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