Four Things to Plan Early for Christmas and Save Money

For some people, planning for Christmas starts in June, as soon as the days start to get shorter and darker. However, for the majority of people it’s a lot later on and won’t be until early December when the first advent calendars are out. Yet if you want to have a successful, cost-effective festive period then planning earlier (in between June and December) is a good idea. Here are four important areas to focus on sooner rather than later to help you be prepared and save money.

  1. Presents

Whether you’re buying exciting toys for your children or functional and fashionable items for your home from Direct Blinds, the earlier you start securing presents, the easier it can be to budget. Looking out for specific sale dates, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be advisable, though you need to be aware of what date these are to make the most of them. Ordering out of season is great for picking up some real bargains, so if you plan on buying winter clothes then picking these up in summer can result in some great savings.

  1. Food

Lots of lovely delicacies that we only eat and drink around Christmas can soon add up. Turkey, chocolates, Baileys, eggnog and so many more cost a lot as they’re only consumed and available over the festive period. A good tactic can be to bulk buy any of these at the latter end of December and early January when demand is low and prices are too, freeze what you can and then defrost in time for next Christmas. Related to food, picking up items such as crackers and decorations, things that don’t go off, can lead to big savings of up to 50 per cent.

  1. Travel

Public transport costs over the festive period also increase but with many people going home for Christmas it can be unavoidable. Research has shown it adds up to about ten per cent of festive spending, so booking in advance to makes savings is advisable. Many rail companies release tickets 13 weeks in advance so being ready to order these when they are can avoid you paying over the odds on the day.

  1. Chores

It won’t really save you money but getting all those chores out of the way early should mean you have plenty of time to celebrate. Plus, you won’t be spending extra buying last minute gifts or paying over the odds when arranging your work’s Christmas party.

Prepare for your Christmas in advance and you could make some great savings and have a much smoother end to the year.


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