How to Celebrate and Treasure Special Memories

Life often gets busy. In fact, it gets too busy far too often.

Blink and a week has flashed by, stop and reflect and months or even years have passed.

And this got me thinking – how do we make sure we take the time to celebrate our memories and guarantee they’re something we treasure, forever?

Here are just some of the ideas I’ve thought of:

  1. Growing a Family Tree

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. But I think it’s the perfect way to celebrate something that’s happening in your family. Whether someone’s having a baby or someone’s just passed away, a family tree is the ideal way to treasure those wonderful roots you as a family have grown.

  1. Framing Photos

This is the easiest of my suggestions but one that’s perhaps not as popular now. With our digital footprint being easily accessible, we sometimes forget to print those photographs and highlight them with a frame.

But no matter what the occasion, putting it in a frame symbolises something; it marks that moment in time.

  1. Stamping Hands and Feet

I don’t need to tell you that children grow up fast and you’re soon running around after a toddler wondering where your adorable little baby went. So what better way to celebrate and track these changes than stamping their hands and feet? It’s easy to do (you just need some child- and skin-friendly paint and some paper) and it can be a wonderful gift to grandparents, aunties and uncles or close friends and relatives. You could even make your own cards for upcoming occasions with these stamps!

  1. Buying New Jewellery

OK, so this may be a little indulgence of mine (and a not-so-subtle hint to my better half) – after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

But, all jokes aside, I do think jewellery can be the perfect way to mark a special moment in time or anniversary – and not just when it comes to marriage.

I’ve got friends who wear rings that remind them of certain people, relatives who refuse to take off a necklace because it reminds them of a particular memory, and others whose watches signify a landmark occasion.

So if you’ve got something you want to hold on to, i.e. a memory or upcoming event, why not invest in a new piece of jewellery to mark this? Even adding a charm to a bracelet is a great way to signify a passing moment.

There are so many ways you can make the most of your memories – and by having these keepsakes dotted around, it gives you the chance to stop and reflect more, taking time out of this busy merry-go-round we call ‘life’.

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