Great Packing Tips For Your Family On Your Next Family Vacation – Guest Post

Ultimate Packing Tips For Family Travellers.

Family vacations are wonderful times, they offer a chance to give yourself a little you time and step away from the normality of daily life and immerse into a new destination, surrounded by your closest family to help you enjoy the experience. The only downside of getting away on a family holiday is the packing, and also the washing when you return but we won’t mention that just yet. With the current climate we are still unsure whether we are allowed to travel, and how we even go about it. To give you a helping hand we have put together what we think is the ultimate family packing list, meaning you can have a stress-free trip, exactly what we need after the year 2020 has been!


Your luggage choice is important, but how you pack is just as important. We will start with the luggage, if you don’t already have your luggage prepared then you should look at investing in a structured case, which will offer ample protection for your belongings, and if possible, opt for a suitcase that has a reputation for strength and durability as your family, and the airlines, will put your case to the test during your trip.

Top tip: When it comes to packing your luggage, try and mix every one’s clothes, and avoid having a suitcase each just in case a piece of your luggage was to get misplaced during your travel.


When it comes to packing clothes for you and your family you may feel like you have a huge job on your hands, but as much as the kids pester, do not let them help you pack! I have found all sorts of weird and wonderful items in my suitcase over the last few trips. The best advice I can give for packing your clothes is; check the weather before-hands to avoid being caught out by some freak weather, plan your outfits before you pack them, this will save you time when choosing what to wear on the day. When it comes to travelling you will want something comfortable, and for this I opted for matching personalised hoodies from Banana Moon Clothing, I chose these to travel in as I can choose the colour and add my own design, meaning no matter how busy the airport gets, I can always spot the children in their brightly coloured hoodies! Complete peace of mind when moving through hectic international airports.


Travelling with kids in tow can be a frustrating time, especially if you have an early morning flight at a busy airport, which is not a great way to start your well-earned holiday. To maintain a little order and control you will need some form of entertainment for the trip to avoid having bored children. Now, I wouldn’t usually promote additional screen time, however, in this instance the screen can provide welcomed entertainment for the children, allowing you to be fully in control and free from the nagging of bored children. If you want, you can invest in some educational apps which will turn that additional screen-time into learning time.

This is a collaborative post.

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