What Exactly is LVT?

Around this time of the year we engage with friends about plans for some touch ups in the home, discussing what things we think of and taking advice on which products are a good investment.

One of those items that may be brought up could be LVT which stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, or vinyl flooring as it is also known. It begins to come up in more and more conversations due to its current popularity and its reputation for the durability it provides.

With interior design being at the forefront of a lot of urge to change things up following so much lockdown, it’s no surprise that vinyl comes as the most recommended product.


Whilst luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is a replicable product in place of real hardwood, stone or slate flooring it is not a flimsy product.

Vinyl is mostly made out of 5 layers to keep the floor flexible and thin whilst providing extra durability and waterproof properties. The top layer consists of a tough wear layer of protective coating and intricate design, which is protected by anti-scratch and stain guarding innovation. The design layer is then structured to high quality to resemble authentic looking flooring.

The various other layers underneath encompass moisture resistant and impact core layers to make the product completely protected against most threats within the house.


Taking a look at your current flooring, what are the biggest issues you have with it?

If you have pets, then chances are you see many scratches and worn carpet from their constant activity – especially if they don’t like your postman every morning. With vinyl you have scratch guard technology as well as anti-slip properties, so no matter how excited they get they won’t be damaging the floor or anything they would slip into from charging.

Vinyl is great if you can’t stand a lot of cleaning or don’t have a lot of time in the day. A quick sweep and a quick mop restore the look of your floor within a minute, or a quick vacuum will do the same.

Vinyl is great for rooms with high water such as kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproof design as well as it’s factored in moisture resistance. 

When it comes to installation, you can either hire a professional to fit your lowest price Amtico and Amtico Signature flooring or do it yourself as a side project for the weekend, choosing either a glue down method with an adhesive or simple clicking together boards.

There are a lot of benefits to having vinyl flooring, with even the cheapest amtico flooring uk offering the same benefits with a multiude of exclusive designs. When talking with your friends about change, always be open to the possibility that vinyl is worth the investment.

This is a collaborative, guest post.

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