What to Grow in Your Garden This Summer

Hopefully this isn’t jinxing anything, but it seems like summer has finally arrived here in England. While all these blue skies and lovely, warm, weather it’s a good time to make the most of being outside with your kids. As you may know, I’ve been hoping to build a vegetable garden while we’ve got the weather for it. Here are a list of ideas of fruit and vegetables you, and the kids, can grow in your garden this summer.



When thinking about fruit and vegetables to grow, it’s important to think how your kids can get involved in the process. Eat Seasonably made a great suggestion: tomato plants are wonderful for budding children gardeners. You can watch tomato plants grow together, physically see them ripening, and then, of course, you can get picking. Plus, by getting the kids involved in the garden, it’s a great way to teach them more about healthy eating, and encourage them to eat fruit and vegetables. They can enjoy the fruits of their labour.



How could we talk about growing fruit and vegetables in a British garden without mentioning strawberries? They’re a classic, and they’re very versatile. They can be planted in the garden, a pot or even a hanging basket. Strawberries grow quickly so if you plant them in June, they’ll be ready later that month. Kids, and adults for that matter, absolutely adore them. They’re perfect to throw into a summer dessert: Eton Mess or Pavlova anyone?



This one is super low- maintenance, which is always a plus for us busy, working mums. It can be grown throughout the year and save you money in the weekly shop. Also, if you use Premier Polytunnels you can grow them throughout the year, without having to worry about your potatoes getting frost bite in colder months.



This is another one which is great for the kids to get involved in. You grow peas directly in the ground, they need some chicken wire for support, and then it’s just a matter of waiting. They taste sweet when freshly picked, so hopefully no complaints at dinner time. The more you pick, the more peas produce, so you and the kids could have many lovely afternoons together preparing the peas for your dinner.


Do you have any favourite fruits or vegetables to grow over summer? I would love to know how your gardens are getting on this year.

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