What to Look For in a Family Car

As a parent, you will spend a significant amount of time driving the little ones around and this means that you need a vehicle that is comfortable, safe, reliable and practical. It can be difficult to pick out the perfect car and especially because there is such a huge amount to choose from, so here are a few important factors to consider that should help to narrow your search.


First, you need to decide how big or small the car should be. This will depend on how many little ones you have (and if you plan on having more!) along with whether or not you will require much storage space for shopping, equipment, dogs etc. Small city cars can be surprisingly spacious, but if you have a large or growing family you will want something larger. Additionally, make sure that the rear doors open wide so that access is quick and easy – this can be a real nightmare otherwise!


A large car will provide more space which should make it more comfortable for everyone onboard, but you should also think about other factors like legroom, strong fixtures, cupholders and room for a baby seat – remember to test these out when checking over the used car from places like AA Cars. These can all make those long journeys much easier and more comfortable for all.

Boot Size

If you will be carrying lots of stuff with you when you head out (most parents will be), then always look for a vehicle which has a spacious boot. It can be uncomfortable and even unsafe to have items in the cabin of the car, which is why a spacious boot is a must as this will be the best place for shopping, buggies, school stuff etc.


Safety is always a primary concern when it comes to motoring, but especially when you are a parent. Fortunately, automobiles have never been safer thanks to the wide range of safety technology that is now available in many modern cars. Some cars make safety a key focus, so always look for cars with a 5 Star Euro NCAP rating with lots of safety technology.


Buying a car with high MPG and low CO2 emissions can be a great way to reduce running costs. Petrol will work out cheaper than diesel if you are doing short trips, but you could also consider an electric or hybrid if you are eco-conscious and looking to making long-term savings.

Consider these factors and it should not take long to find a vehicle which is perfect for your family.

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