How To Save Money Whilst Your Children Grow

Is it just me, or can you not help but internally combust at the thought of having to buy another set of roller-skates, another coat, another set of ballet pumps, all because the little tinkers grow so god-damn fast?! Our kids are expensive enough as it is, without having to constantly replace everything because it no longer fits.

I think we are all guilty of spending ALL our money on our children (sigh). I’ve been thinking of ways to save those important pennies whilst the kids are growing.

The good old-fashioned hand-me-down

I think mums get stuck in this repetitive cycle of buying new (and usually very expensive) clothes for their children as they’re growing. Literally every few months we’re at the shops again, buying yet another pretty top with coordinating bottoms. I don’t understand how such a small amount of material can cost so much?!
I think it’s time to step away from the expensive price tags and go back to good old fashioned hand-me downs. Our little ones grow out of their clothes so quickly that most of the time, they’ve only worn items a few times before they no longer fit. They are practically new anyway and by passing these on to their siblings we would save a FORTUNE. More money to play with is never a bad thing.

Long-term toys that last

It’s all very well and good buying your kids the latest toy craze, like a bright pink fidget spinner that they play with for two weeks never to be seen again… We spend, spend, spend buying them toys that literally get chucked to the side as soon as they lose interest.
So what toys can we buy that are worth spending our money on, that our kids will enjoy for years rather than minutes? I always think the best options are ones that get our kids active in the outdoors. A kid’s scooter is always a great option as they take a lot longer to grow out of, plus they get our kids away from their tablets and into the fresh air. Scooters are great for kids of all ages, as they are super easy to use so suit little ones as well as older children.
The cost of raising children is now higher than ever, currently costing parents £230,000 to raise a kid to the age of 21 (terrifying, isn’t it? Think of all the gin’s you could buy with that). It is no wonder we need ways to cut back whilst they are still growing. So, step away from the new pair of leggings and the barbie car that they don’t really need, your bank account will thank you.


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