Keeping Kids Occupied at Christmas Parties

As difficult as it might be to hear, Christmas is almost entirely a time for kids. It’s the one time of year you can shower them with gifts and affection without worry of spoiling them rotten, and a time when they’re at their happiest, and loudest! Of course, this should always be celebrated.

Still, there are periods during Christmas Day where some parents want to catch up with relatives they haven’t seen for a while, free from all the racket. For this period, the kids need to stay occupied without bothering others, even if its only for a few minutes to an hour!

Consequently, here’s how to keep your kids occupied during the hectic Christmas party!

Busy with Gifts

If you purchase your child socks and socks alone, strap in for a loud and perhaps even somewhat irritating ride. While they can be thoughtful gifts, your kids can’t really do anything with them. They put them on, then what? It’s not enough to grab their attention or keep them occupied, so keep these goals in mind when you’re hunting for presents around town.

For example, a pair of Heelys from Proline Skatesis the kind of gift a child can spend hours, even days, weeks and months enjoying. They can roar around outside your house having a good time while you have a quick break from parenting duties, and no one loses out on their way of fun. Really consider the entertainment factor of everything you buy. The more engaging the present, the more your kids will be occupied at the party.

Group Activities

Kids can be at their worst when they’re isolated and kept apart from sprogs their own age. If they don’t have anyone to play with, they’ll either be sad or angry, neither of which you’d ever want for your child. They shouldn’t sit idle while all the adults drink and have a good time or, get the leftovers of anyone’s attention as if they’re a second thought. Christmas is about them!

If there are other kids at whatever party you’re at, consider rounding them all up and grouping them together. Fun games or activities can be played then with the supervision of only one or two adults, such as the classic pass the parcel routine or even some arts and crafts work. Get creative if you so choose and whack on a Santa outfit! Really play to your children’s imaginations, that’s their greatest strength and where most of your success will be had!

Christmas Films

Nothing enraptures a child’s attention like a great Christmas film. They’ll be on most television stations during the festive period, from BBC One to ITV. No doubt a few of the Harry Potter films will be aired, as well as classics like The Polar Express and The Santa Clause. Keep an eye out for them, because they’ll keep the kids occupied for an hour or two.

If you miss the window or find the films half way through, crack out a Christmas DVD instead. If you have the television going in the corner, it might just be enough to calm the kids down and keep them busy. Not every Christmas Day experience needs to be a completely mind-blowing event, and there will be a time later when the party starts to wind down. Introduce the film side of things then!







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