Easy family meal ideas with vegan options added

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing really well and raring to go with another busy week. Today I’m sharing my family meal ideas with vegan options for those who want to eat less meat.

Over on YouTube  I’ve been doing this for a while because I love watching other people’s family meal ideas and thought I’d share ours too. I’m glad I did as they’ve been really popular and so I’m going to be uploading weekly to this blog also.

Over here our food has to be easy, budget friendly and plentiful. Although I only have two children biologically, we have four between Mr S and I and so for the most part that makes six hungry mouths for meal times. I know there are loads of amazing food blogs with artfully created food imagery but I have to say that’s not really my style. I cook up big portions, try to accommodate fussy eaters, often hide vegetables and feed my family with love. And there is always room for pudding.

The other thing is that as much as possible I try to eat a vegan diet so whatever I make for the family, I recreate with a vegan twist and I’ll be including all the details in my videos for that as well.

This week I’m sharing how I turned our usual spaghetti Bolognese, chicken and leek pie, burger and chips, chicken curry and sausage dinner into vegan meals without anyone really noticing! My favourite’s were definitely the vegan Bolognese and the family really loved the pie!

Vegan bolognese


Anyway this week’s family meal ideas with vegan options are a bit of a hodge podge from the last 2/3 weeks of the summer holidays. Routines seem to have fallen by the wayside a bit so I didn’t film our meals as consistently as I would usually and I hope that won’t put you off – I’m usually very good!

So here they are – some family meal ideas with vegan alternatives included.

Bon Appétit!


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