Feeding your family: No-nonsense meal times


Love it or loathe it, feeding your family is a job we just have to get on with isn’t it.

Three meals and countless snacks a day…

365 days a year for as many years as they keeping coming back to Mama’s table. Let’s not get started on how much washing up that makes!

Whichever way you cut it, feeding a family is a big job and requires a lot of organisation and planning in order to avoid the last minute “sod-it, let’s blow another £50 on a takeaway’ scenario.

In this post, I’m going to share my exact strategy for how I feed my family of six (that’s two adults, three teens and a toddler).

I’m going to get straight to the point and by the end of it you’re going to come away

feeling much more in control


Ok, let’s start by grabbing your FREE  Grocery Inventory

Got it? Great, let’s start then.

Create a grocery list / inventory for feeding your family

You have your free template now, so you can use it to follow my proven method of planning.

A grocery inventory allows you to quickly see what you need to buy and what you already have in the cupboards but also allows you to do price comparisons once you start using and updating it.

Save the list onto your phone and have it to hand at all times.

Feeding Your Family On A Budget - The Complete Guide

Find ten minutes and go through your fridge, freezer and cupboards – write each item that you regularly repurchase onto the list.

Assign a ‘category’ to each item on the list.

Myself, I choose to list these under the following categories:
o Fridge
o Freezer
o Store Cupboard
o Bakery
o Treats
o Drinks

But you can use whichever categorisation you think will work best for you.

Note down how many of each item you currently have and a rough price guide if you know it.

Add any other items that you know you will regularly repurchase even if you are currently out of stock at home.

This is the beginnings of your grocery inventory list and it will be invaluable when doing your shopping and feeding your family from now on.

Keep adding to the list and amending as you go along. For example, just used your last tin of tomatoes? Update your grocery inventory to reflect this and you will know what you need to buy when you pull up the inventory at shopping time.

Despite the initial faff (and it’s really not that bad!) meal planning becomes so much easier with an inventory list in front of you. No raiding the cupboards or wondering what you need to buy – you will know as it will all be laid out in front of you.

Choose a day for meal planning and a day for food shopping

I’m a massive fan of routine and when it comes to food shopping, there’s no exception.

Pick a day that you know will work best to have food delivered to your door. And believe me when I say, that unless you have a will of iron AND are child-free, then there is no substitute for online grocery shopping.

Once you’ve picked a day to have the shopping delivered (or to do the shopping if you must) then you need to pick a day to plan the meals.

I meal plan on a Sunday because I like to start a week (or month) organised and ready and I have my shopping delivered twice a week, on a Monday morning and a Thursday evening because this is what works best for my family.

Feeding Your Family

Write your meal plans four weeks in advance

I know, it sounds like a great big ordeal and who can actually be bothered??


You can get a free four week meal planner when you join my newsletter.

Send me my freebies!

Once you build up a recipe portfolio, which you will be doing with me in a minute – you will just need 30 minutes once a month to plan out a month’s worth of family dinner’s. Feeding your family just got a lot easier.

Imagine how much easier that will be than scratting around once a week trying to think of things to feed people.

Whilst we are at it, get a weekly meal planner board like this one and have it up visible for the whole family to read. This also really helps for remembering to defrost food for the next day etc.

Next up is that recipe portfolio we just mentioned.

You can do this in any way you see fit but it’s just basically a scrapbook of go-to recipes that you know your family will eat and enjoy.

For me, it has to be Pinterest as there are just so many recipes to choose from. You can search by mealtime, ingredient, intolerance, international cuisine…pretty much anything you can think of. Here’s a link to my Pinterest boards if you fancy a nosey to get you started.

You can also check out places like YouTube for meals of the week ideas – I do one most weeks like this:

Once you have your meals for the week noted down, you are going to need that shopping list sorted. Here’s another download for you:

Shopping List

To get my newsletter with all my other tips for getting your sh*t in order, just pop your details in the box below. I send out weekly emails with a round up of the most useful hacks and posts I’ve been using myself, as well as monthly lists of seasonal produce (it’s always cheaper to eat in season!) and ways you can cut your food bill when shopping for a big family. This is for busy parents who want a no-BS guide to being a bit more organised. Sounds like you? Click the link below to get your freebies.

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Once you have your grocery inventory, monthly meal plan, recipe portfolio and schedule – the only thing left to do is to make sure your kitchen is decluttered, organised and set up to work for you. Have a peek at how I organise my snack stations, lunch stations and storage to see what I mean:

I hope that this was a really helpful post on feeding your family and I’d love to hear how you got on with the downloads I’ve created for you.

Feel free to pin this image below to your own Pinterest boards, bookmark the post to return to and of course be sure to sign up for my newsletter for access to even more content to get your family life sorted.

Chat soon


The Complete No Fuss Guide To Feeding Your Family. Free Grocery Inventory, Free Meal Planner & Free Shopping List Included




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