The Amtico Range – Guest Post

With Amtico as your flooring selection of choice, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring provides the most authentic feel. 

There are vendors who offer popular as well as more diverse styles to choose from, but Amtico is the leading brand that can showcase how they would fit the current feel of the room and match your room fittings or furniture.

For those wanting the look of hardwood or stone flooring, Amtico offers classical options such as Amtico Spacia, Form and the Signature Selection with unrivalled choices in designs. 


Spacia is among the best selling ranges that Amtico provides that perfectly replicates wood, stone and abstract design.

Spacia is a range for any and every style of home to achieve a sophisticated charm through 96 specific designs. It is especially attractive to those seeking a bathroom or kitchen finish as its authentic stone visage as well as its moisture resistance provide a look that lasts without a risk of water damage or rot.


Fully textured woods and stones suiting the most modern and traditional spaces, the Form collection provides a beautiful aesthetic with a thicker wear layer to provide one of the most secure, impressive and longer lasting collections on the market.

With features such as unrivalled underfoot comfort, super ease in cleaning and enforced water resistance, Form pushes  past every competitive brand to be able to provide a 30 year warranty on their tiles, far surpassing any other brand on the market for confidence in their product lifespan.


Signatures are always unique to the individual, and the Signature range is no different.

Among the most authentic and imaginative ranges within Amtico’s vast collections, Signature use top quality materials to deliver their stunning authentic wood, stone and abstract flooring patterns to perfectly compliment any and all themes throughout your home.

No matter if a commercial or residential property, from high class apartments to rural cottage areas, Signature can sign off on any property with perfection first time round. No matter if you choose from oaks or all the way to Linseed, you get a lavish and spectacular feel and glean from your floor from Signature.

It’s no wonder people delve into their pockets for cheapest amtico flooring UK. No matter what you set out your home to achieve, Amtico provides an extra life to your party and gives peace of mind for the morning after. Choose lowest price Amtico flooring today to turn your home into your forever home.

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