7 moments that make Christmas feel really Christmassy

So you know how I banged on about the fact Christmas most definitely was NOT the most wonderful time of the year when I was a littley? If your new to the blog then you can read that particular delight here. Well anyway, this year something feels a tinsely (see what I did there…) bit different.

For one thing, I’m feeling alll of the Christmassy feels for real this year and it all started with a Jet2 Chrismas hamper. Not quite what you expected me to say was it, but bear with me…

So, Jet2 sent me the most lush Christmas hamper this year – it’s one of those rare blogging gifts that appear one morning and you do a little excited wee when you open up the goodies inside. Or that bit might just be me but whatevs’.

Before I get to the excitement of the contents I wanted to tell you that Jet2 are running their own holiday advent calendar on their website, which you can visit here should you wish to win YOUR VERY OWN HOLIDAY. I mean, yeah – an actual holiday. If only all advent calendars were this good right?! All you have to do is open up the advent door, answer the holiday-related question and you will be entered into their prize draw to win yourself some holiday sunshine. To find out more about all the types of holidays you could win, you can visit the Jet2 website at – www.jet2holidays.com

Merry Christmas indeed.

Anyway back to my ramblings….Mince pies, shortbread biscuits shaped like teeny tiny Christmas trees, a gingerbread house to decorate (are you even a real person if you don’t do this as a Chrimbo tradition each year?!), crackers with the worst jokes in, fancy pants hot chocolate which I may or may not re-gift (hides head in shame), crafts for the kids and lots of loveliness in a big red hamper. It was a big old box of lush Christmassyness that I have mostly devoured and can no longer take any form of acceptable pictures of because my greed and my kids got the better of me. If you follow me over on Instagram you might have seen my stories with it in though. If not…then soz.

The point though my festive friends is that this hamper made me see the whole point of Christmas. Aside from the birth of Christ obviously. And I appreciate that it seems like a massively tenuous link to say that Jet2 finally chased away my inner scrooge but actually they did just encourage me to have some really scrummy family time and take stock of those little moments. So thanks you lovely bunch.

7 twinkling moments that make Christmas feel really Christmassy

  1. Decorating the gingerbread house – Like the wicked old witch from Hansel & Gretel, I used to die a death inside at the thought of doing this with kids but you know what, we tried it and it was a roaring success. I turned OFF my phone (yep – totes proud of me too), took a deep breath and allowed my twelve year old and my toddler year old to let loose on this project. I didn’t even complain when said toddler bashed her fist into my carefully constructed roof and proceeded to lick icing off it. We had the Chrimbo choons on, there was some sort of freak storm happening outside and we had a happy hour together just creating, laughing and being silly.
  2. Settling down under a duvet, on the sofa with a hot chocolate, a movie (even if it is Moana for the 10,000th time) and oodles of marshmallows that will have to be dug out of the bottom of the mug in five minutes time. Is this not the best thing e-v-e-r??
  3. Eating mince pies for breakfast because it’s Christmas (well, it’s December and that’s the same thing) and calories don’t count during the season of goodwill. So I’m having one for lunch as well.
  4. Thinking you hate crafts but then being presented with a ‘Christmas snow scene made from foam’ craft kit and realising you enjoyed making it so much that you had to come back once the kids were in bed to Kirsty Allsopp it into a more perfect state of being.
  5. Actually be able to say “yes” to the “choc-choc” demands made by your toddler at breakfast time (god help me in January).
  6. Mulled wine. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Pulling Christmas crackers and pretending to be genuinely delighted that you “won” a luminous green paper clip, pink paper hat crown that must have been meant for someone with a pin prick head and lolling all over your aforementioned mulled wine when you hear that joke about the penguin and its lunch. And then realising that you actually were delighted. For real.

What makes Christmas really feel like Christmas for you this year?

Lotsa love





  1. Julia
    December 11, 2017 / 06:54

    Sounds likeJet2 came up trumps! Have fun

  2. December 22, 2018 / 05:59

    I am for Christmas traditions. Your post means a lot to me. I got a lot of insights from here. Thanks for sharing!

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