FREE weekly cleaning planner for a more organised home

Yep, that’s right, I said FREE cleaning planners. Skip to the bottom of the post to download them if you canny be arsed to read the ramblings.

But really who has the time to spend all day, every day cleaning? Not me that’s for sure.

So, I’ve devised a weekly cleaning routine that I think (crosses fingers) I can stick to which will keep my home clean and shiny but also leave me time to do the things I actually want to do. Like reading Lean In for the fourth time and shouting at Sheryl’s views on, well, everything. A subject for another time I think.

Four kids, two dogs, two adults. That sums up the entirety of my household I think. I’ve stopped counting tbh. But my point is there is a LOT of dirt, mess, clutter and laundry if I don’t get a system in place to keep on top of it. If you are also finding yourself in a sea of clutter and dirt then read my tips on getting your declutter on before embarking on this easy peasy cleaning routine.

The general gist of it is just keep on swimming in true animated cartoon fish style. (If you don’t get this reference are you even a real parent?!)

Do a little every day. Or a lot if needs be until you are on top of the situation.

Do not and I repeat DO NOT have a day off from the chores during the week because you will find yourself on catch up for weeks or spending your whole weekend picking up dirty socks. Not fun.

Right so that’s quite enough chat about cleaning, there are lives to live after all.. so here are your all-singing, all-dancing cleaning planners for Monday-Friday. It’s the cleaning routine that I am using myself and it’s working. People in my home are still alive and relatively healthy and for the most part, I can have someone appear at my door without too much shame in the debris / chaos / state of the bathrooms. And really, that’s as good as it gets.

I’ve broken the planners up into:

  • a daily checklist of chores that will help us keep on top of everything
  • specific tasks that we can do on the given day
  • any special tasks that need doing on a weekly basis

Monday cleaning planner 

Tuesday Cleaning Planner

Wednesday Cleaning Planner

Thursday Cleaning Planner

Friday Cleaning Planner

Now that we have the cleaning out of the way shall we move on to No-Nonsense Family Feeding?





  1. Julia
    January 1, 2018 / 08:45

    Great suggestions here, I so agree with doing something everyday or dirt/ clutter builds up into an unmanageable burden.

  2. January 1, 2018 / 21:03

    These are fab! It’s the not skipping a day I struggle with – I’m easily tempted by a better offer such as a trip to the park for ice cream on a summers day! x

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