Seven ways decluttering can change your life

Decluttering can change your life. Ha! I know but there’s a real buzz around motherhood right now and it comes with that marmite-esque phrase – to declutter.

And actually I think that this is a great thing.

Well I would wouldn’t I.

I think there has been a real focus on mothers (soz but it is mainly us mums) getting all profesh with motherhood and killing it in the organisation / mum boss / general fab-u-lous-ness departments.

Yep, that’s you. Killing it ladies.

Decluttering is big news and I firmly believe that decluttering can change your life in some respects. After all, all of the cool YouTubers are in on the act, Marie Kondo has made a bajillion dollar industry off the back of folding her undies the right way and lots of mothers (like moi) are waxing lyrical about the joys of keeping our homes sans clutter.

I know you think I’m crazy and it’s possible I am channelling my inner Monica but decluttering has actually changed my life.

A bold statement no?

Here’s why chicas…

decluttering can change your life

  1. A messy home equals a messy mind. Clearing out the actual real life clutter can be as emotionally rewarding as it is practically rewarding. You learn to let go of the stuff in your life  and out with the bin bags goes your emotional baggage. Think of it as a really cheap form of therapy.
  2. Concentration increases – once you are living in a clutter free environment you can f-o-c-u-s. I read this brilliant analogy about clutter being much like an attention seeking toddler. You might try to get on with your work but they are always there at your side with the continuous plea of “mummy mummy mummy” interrupting your thought process. Once it’s gone, you have all the concentration space you need. Unless you actually have a toddler of course. Go figure.
  3. You can clean properly. Thrilled aren’t you 😉 But I’m a weirdo and love to clean. Or at least I love my home to be clean, organised and sweet smelling (and yet I still had two kids and two dogs…) but the thing is, I don’t buy that old adage that “my home is clean but not tidy”. Bull… ya know. Uh no, if your home is full of clutter, stuff, odd socks, miscellaneous hair bobbles, dying bottles of PVA glue and tax returns from twelve years ago then it aint’ clean my love. You’ll see what I mean once you clear the junk. Just beware of the eight legged beasties hiding behind those papers…
  4. Time magically appears. Actually you can just find your things. You don’t spend ages every morning cursing and muttering because you can’t find your son’s PE socks again and you don’t have to hunt up and down the length of your house (and car) to find the things you need anymore. Everything has a purpose and a place. Even if that purpose is just to make you happy every time you look at it. It still has a little home of it’s own and the new, improved declutterised (yep I merged two words) you can be smug and on time for once. Yay go you.
  5. Your mood lifts. This one is a given to be honest.  Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and organised space? It has made the world of difference to my cluttered head space and has lessened quite a bit of tension on the domestic front too.
  6. The kids start to copy you. Yep – decluttering can quickly become a family affair. And not just through yelling and nagging. Get them involved, give them a space and a place for all of their things and encourage them to put their things away in the way you do. My toddler is really enjoying helping tidy up and she has learnt where all the things she wants to play with are. Like the glitter. Hmm.
  7. You will save money. Saving the best til’ last naturally. I could go on about this for ages but yes, you will save money because you will stop buying things you don’t need. Nobody is going to declutter for hours (it doesn’t have to be hours at a time – bite size chunks is the way) and then fill their homes back up with junk. Also when you need something or go grocery shopping, you will be able to see exactly what’s in your cupboards and what you really need. It’s a total win win.

If you would like a bit of decluttering motivation then you can head over to my Youtube channel to find out more about just how I’ve decluttered my home and my life over the past few months.




  1. Julia
    November 9, 2017 / 06:17

    I can’t live with clutter

  2. November 14, 2017 / 06:11

    I love decluttering, for me it causes stress when I have clutter. Especially when my mind feels cluttered then any clutter in the home feels worse. I like a simple space with only the things and people that I love and bring me positive vibes. It is funny you mentioned the smell as my friends often ask how my house smells so nice when I have 3 dogs, cats and even bunnies as pets. Clearly they are not all living in my actual home, but they do come in for play and cuddles. But I believe if you clean well and have lots of fresh air through your home then it doesn’t need to be messy or smelly just because you have pets. #StayClassyMama linked after you x

  3. November 17, 2017 / 22:50

    I always feel great after de-cluttering, but I’m such a hoarder that it never looks completely clear! You are right though, I do feel so much better when I’ve made an effort and had a clearout. I do agree that it gives you more time too. I just wish my house would stay like that!


  4. November 24, 2017 / 06:59

    This is so so true! I recently (finally) got the downstairs of my house tidy and organised and I feel like a new woman! I’ve actually known what boredom feels like because I’ve had that much more time on my hands, I’ve been on time which never happens, less anxious and just generally more ‘on the ball’! Xx
    Kate recently posted…WHAT MY KID WORE WEDNESDAY | A/W 2017 | #4My Profile

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