5 ways to get fit & exercise without a gym

Exercise without a gym membership? Possible? Probable?

Well, I had a gym membership for almost all of 2017 in a bid to exercise more and up my fitness levels. Like you do. But with 2018 being my year of frugality (just call me Frugal Fiona) I have cancelled my membership and headed out into the unknown alone.

Brave or stupid? I’m not sure either…

You see I did absolutely love having to get up and go to the gym. Getting out of the house really motivated me and whilst I don’t think I could claim to love exercise itself, I did get pretty hooked on the adrenaline, results and all-important, super-squatting endorphins that kept me company for the rest of the day.

So what now? Do I just give up and resign myself to sinking into a pit of lardy despair where the ice-cream is a-plenty and the thighs a-friendly?


In the words of Bridget…

“I have two choices: to give up and accept a permanent state of lardy-arsedness (made this bit up) and eventually being eaten by Alsations. Or not.”

And I choose not.

So here are the ways I have decided to incorporate exercise into my days minus the sweaty gym affirmations and queues for the cross-trainer.

How to get fit without stepping foot in the gym


There are a zillion million different (FREE!) YouTube fitness resources no matter what type of exercise I don’t feel like doing that day. I’ve set myself a goal of three HIIT training sessions a week to keep the lard at bay and my current fave fitness ‘tubers to workout with are Carly Rowena, Joe Wicks and the Tone it up girls.

Here’s my current fave from Carly Rowena if you fancy giving it a go


Now tbh I am not particularly flexible at the moment. Unless you count the contortions I will get into to reach the biscuit tin. But but but I am in love with Yoga. Y’know how they say you’re gonna be either a yogi or a pilates girl? I’m definitely in the Yogi camp. It’s so relaxing, it calms my mind and soul and I adore practicing just twenty minutes in the dark and the quiet of the early morning before work / kids / coffee. Not exactly sure how much actual exercising benefit it brings me but it does an inordinate amount of good to my mental health. Starting out, I loved Yoga with Adriene (still do!) as she is less patronising than some and easy to follow. This is an every day thing if I can manage it in between the current “Mummy where are oo?!” 5am calls…


A work in progress this one. As in I can’t really run past the end of the road. Dunno what it is but I am yet to experience the runners high but I so so want to be a runner. One of my bucket list goals is to run the London marathon just once and as I’m 30 now, I had better get on with it.

So I’ve signed up to Park Run, which is a free 5k running event held in local parks up and down the country. I know I can’t run 5k but I will be run/walking it each week until I find myself running more than walking and wailing.


You knew it was coming didn’t you? I find that if I can get a really good cleaning sesh going, it can actually serve up a decent workout alongside a clean home. Every time I bend down I swap that movement for a squat or lunge and complete with a heavy toddler on one hip, it can get really sweaty. I wouldn’t use it as my main form of exercise but it’s an excellent addition to the week.

Weight training

I’ve bought a few gym-type bits and bobs such as a kettle bell and dumbbell set to keep up weight training at home. For me, there is no better or more effective training that weight training and when I was dedicating 4 sessions a week to it, I was able to eat more without weight gain (yay!) and my body shape changed immeasurably. I was completely freaked out by it at first but with a little research, it’s actually the easiest way to exercise.

The gym is definitely not for everybody but with a little research, a little YouTube and a little self-motivation I think I can crack this getting fit at home malarkey.

What do you think? Are you working out at home? At the gym or at all?






  1. Julia
    January 3, 2018 / 08:14

    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll succeed!

    • Fi
      January 4, 2018 / 14:30

      Thank you!

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