Three female blogs to watch out for in 2018

Who runs the world?


At least they will do in twenty-eighteen.

Here it comes, fast approaching and I’ve been having a good old think about what the social landscape and influencer trends will be over the next year of madness, mayhem and influencing. You can read all about my predictions for 2018 right here if you haven’t already but for today’s post, I want to pick out the bloggers who are absolutely slaying it in the influencing stakes and who I predict will hit the big time fandango everyone seems to be chasing.

So let’s take a look at my pick of the three girls raising the influencing bar.

The female blogs to watch in 2018


Toby and Roo

Harriet’s blog is almost permanently on my list of ones to watch but actually, I think it is her Instagram she is slaying the most right now. An honest window into the life of a mum who is making

incredible influencing inroads whilst also raising three kids

Harriet has this unique USP of a foul mouth and a gorgeous heart that is building a following faster than you can say Zoella. I obviously adore her, you know that because I have had her on my own blog several times but actually if you look at the leverage a brand like Harriets can wager, I think she is most definitely one to watch in 2018. Wishing you all the luck you beauty.

In the frow

Depending on your definition of “she’s made it” – Victoria’s fashionable influencing stakes probably suggest she’s already hit the big time but I wanted to shine a light on her blog for a second on this post as one to watch. For one thing, Victoria is a proud Northerner who is absolutely winning creatively and in a business sense so I am all about that but I also think she has seriously upped her already-incredible game recently. I’d probably already categorise Victoria in the mega influencer stakes but in 2018 I just have this feeling that everything she touches will turn to gold.

Like stratospheric, beautiful rose-gold, gold

I hope so anyway because I’m always rooting for a fellow northerner and I love her work, passion and general down to earth-ness. Also her handbag collection is pretty hot.

Just sayin’

Hannah Gale

Blogosphere’s blogger of the year in 2017 but more importantly this girl manages to mix Primark with Prada, a sense of humour, a pop of colour and a totally candid writing “you do you” style. Let’s face it, I just wanna be her bestie right now but actually if you think about it, that’s kind of why her brand is skyrocketing.

It’s this

natural, relatable yet still so cool content

that keeps me and a bazillion others coming back for more. Due with her first baby imminently, it’s exciting to think she may step foot into the murky waters of parent blogging and if she does I hazard a guess that she’s going to skyrocket in popularity. You heard it here first mamas.

The thing about success is of course it means different things to different people and in this post I am simply giving my predictions of the bloggers who will push the boundaries of social media, creative content and influencing and whose name you will see


There are many, many more with talent, drive and tenacity who will be pushing the road of the influencer and championing flexible and fascinating careers in similar ways and you know what? I can’t bloody wait to see how it all pans out.

Lemme know your predictions for the year ahead, share this on your social media and tag an influencer who you think will be utterly gorgeously amazing in the year ahead.

See you beauties later.







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  1. Julia
    November 24, 2017 / 10:04

    My prediction is that you will be among them

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