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Admittedly I’ve not been that great at looking after myself recently. My mental health has been a bit of a struggle these past few months and I’ve just been pushing it to the back of my internal cupboard. It’s a bit like that cupboard under the stairs that you have to jam shut until it all comes falling out one day on top of your toddler. That didn’t actually happen I swear…

Anyhoo we all know that people with mental health issues and, well, just people in general, need to take time out of their chaos-driven lives to find that ever-elusive balance and me-time. I literally shudder at that phrase by the way. It’s a bit like when someone says we should “reach out”. Just no.

I digress (as usual). I’ve talked before about having a relaxing evening routine to help us unwind for bed time but what about exercise? Where does that fit into a hobnob and seriously strong coffee-fuelled life?

Pop it to the top ladies and gents’ because it is the numero uno thing you can do to improve your mental health yourself. Not forsaking medical advice naturellement but in conjunction with said advice, get your backside up and moving. Your brain and your smile will thank you for it.

I was exercising like a fiend over that long-forgotten summer we have just enjoyed. I was in the gym at 6am five days a week and starting to see major results. Then this bout of anxiety hit and knocked me flat on my face. Literally. I felt like the world imploded and so now, somewhere on the other side of a month of anti-depressants and taking my first tentative happy-again steps into the world, I feel ready to resume a gentler form of exercise and self care.

It just so happened that the lovely peeps over at Boudavida got in touch to ask me to try out there fab-u-lous new range for Autumn / Winter 2017 and I thought that this fashion-forward, activewear was just the kick up the bum I needed to inspire me to start moving again.

So you know me, I do love to share brilliant brands and products with you guys and this time is no different. They sent across their Supersized Swagger Tee which is long enough to cover my more wobbly ass-ets and the incredible Sassy leggings, both made from that clever moisture wicking material and oh so soft material that I literally never want to take them off. I love them very much but what I love more is that I’m feeling inspired to start taking care of myself and getting my exercise and fitness game back on.┬áSometimes a great outfit can do that for you can’t it?

Strapping on my trainers and heading out for a run isn’t really my style right now though. I need something a little bit more zen, a little bit more gentle and a bit of a mind/body connection so yoga is absolutely perfect for this time in my life. It’s the perfect form of exercise for busy mothers as you can do it for ten minutes or fifty and has the brilliant advantage of being able to be done in the comfort of your front room should you so wish. You only need minimal equipment – a roll mat will do and you can search up any number of free YouTube video’s on yoga for whatever level you feel you are at.

This past week or so I have been getting up early again – I find that I’m much more productive when I get up before the family but instead of staring bleary-eyed into a coffee, I take twenty minutes to practice some yoga and my mood is lifted for the whole day.

So if like me, you are or have been struggling, then be kind to yourself but try to get up and get moving again. Yoga is the perfect way to start the day or even finish it and after a few sessions you will start to notice your mood lifting.

Once I have gotten back into the swing of things with a month or so of yoga, I’m planning on taking my Boudavida cladded bottom out for a run – that’s the joy of these versatile workout clothes, they are suitable for all kinds of different forms of exercise.

If you would like to know more about Boudavida and how they donate 5% of each sale to projects that support women’s sport then you can do so by clicking this link here.

Until next time.




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  1. Julia
    October 17, 2017 / 17:38

    An interesting post. Hope you feel great soon after all that gentle exercise.

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