The ultimate cleaning schedule for when you have NO time

Ok so you’re working full time?

Leaving the house at dawn ‘o’ clock, returning at stupid ‘o’clock and  squeezing in a tiny bit of cuddle time with your little ones at some point?

Yeah hun, been there where you are. And quite frankly it makes you want to cry. Except you don’t have time, am I right?

I remember full time office work well. My bathrooms were so gross, my kitchen a permanent mess, food came in Happy meal cartons (who am I kidding – more like super size cartons) and life and eyeliner were both winged. Good shoes though.

It’s just that, cleaning? Yeah, it wasn’t top of my priority list and rightly so when little people needed cuddling and wine needed imbibing.

Priorities and all that.

Still, cleaning did become necessary and I did manage to create a system that kept our heads above the piles of dirty laundry just long enough to cope.

So  here it is – I’ve made you a quick and easy cleaning plan for those days when you are purely in survival mode with wine to drink and perhaps the last ten minutes of Real Housewives to catch up on.

If needs be you can even complete it with a toddler attached. Which, let’s face it, you probably will.

Leaving the house at dawn 'o' clock, returning at stupid 'o'clock and  squeezing in a tiny bit of cuddle time with your little ones at some point? You need my cleaning plan for when you are in full time survival mode

  1. Make the beds as soon as you get out of them in the morning. It hardly takes any time but leaves you feeling slightly more in control from the get go.
  2. The ten minute sweep – this basically means running through the main rooms of the house (kitchen, living room, bathrooms) with a basket and collecting things that don’t belong there (like dirty mugs and stray Pokemon cards) and returning them to their rightful homes.
  3. Put the dishwasher on at night and unload in the morning. Religiously. And if you don’t have one then might I suggest moving to a house where you do (joking).
  4. Hoover the main traffic areas just before the  kids go to bed – I love, love, LOVE my cordless Dyson hoover for this. All the praise-be emoji’s for cordless technology.
  5. Have a small bin in the kitchen and empty it every day. The fact that its small means things cannot sit and fester, you are almost guaranteed to empty it each day and whilst you’re there take a quick Dettol wipe to the lid.
  6. Anti-bac wipes – use them to wipe round the toilet and sink areas in the morning and evening. I’m not a huge fan of these wipes and they don’t replace a thorough clean but they are better than nothing and you are in survival mode after all.

FREE DOWNLOAD – Survival clean

If you ever find yourself looking for a more thorough cleaning schedule then head over to this post for more inspiration.





  1. April 17, 2019 / 12:49

    I have a cordless Dyson Hoover too, and it is simply amazing. Thank you for the rest of these amazing cleaning tips

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