Should you build your own home?

I love my house but let’s face it, I am always trying to modify, update or improve it in some way and it’s getting on my nerves. Because ultimately, I guess, the house isn’t ever going to be perfect for us as a family. I mean, whose house is?!
The quest for the perfect home continues however and we have looked at moving more times than you’ve had hot dinners’. There’s always something wrong with each house we have looked at and I know Kirsty and Phil would be most annoyed at my lack of compromise but there it is nonetheless.
Recently, mainly due to my lack of compromise, we’ve been playing with the idea of self-builds. Because life isn’t complicated enough with four kids, two dogs and three jobs *eye rolls*
But down the rabbit hole I’ve gone, complicated or not and in my head, I am already one of those families living on a construction site, in a minging caravan, with the Grand Designs team pitching up to hold our hands.
But if you really are going to go down the self-build, dream home with swimming-pool-and-built-in-crèche-facilities route, what are the pro’s and con’s?
While there are certainly websites out there that can help with providing a little more info such as the self-build portal or even a help from the self-build and custom housebuilding registers page to name a few, I’ve been doing my own research.

Have a gander at this my dears:

Pro’s to building your own home

1. You get more for your money. I read somewhere (so it must be true) that the average self-build costs 25% less than a pre-built home. If only IKEA did self-builds hey.
2. You get the exact house that you want. Completely designed from scratch to your specifications. The dream – am I right?!
3. The quality will be better. No dodgy fixtures and fittings, no climbing damp, no crumbling walls. You’ve built it (or overseen the build at least) so you know the quality will be excellent. Also, it’s worth noting that all new builds have to come with a new build warranty for peace of mind.

Con’s to building your own home

1. Finding the right plot of land can be a nightmare depending on what you’re looking for and where you’re based.
2. Ever worked in project management? No? Well I have and the three basics of managing a project are time, cost and quality. One of these elements always has to give a little so basically what I’m saying is your project is going to run overtime.
3. The stress. This is the biggie for me. It would be inordinately stressful managing your dream self-build in amongst the day job and raising mini-people and it would completely take over your life for months on end.
Would it be worth it? I’m still totally undecided and will continue to watch Grand Designs and Kirsty and Phil until the answer unfolds.




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