How to create the luxe for less look in the bedroom

Ahhh bed. Lovely, lovely bed.

My favourite place to be… aside from Selfridges of course.

Sooo I did a little poll shout out on le Twitter and it turns out you crazy lot are pretty keen on hearing all about how to create the dreamiest, hyggiest (predictive text nightmare of a word) bedroom with a luxe for less look on a shoe string budget. I mean, we could have had a chat about the designer bags you NEED in your winter wardrobe but nope, you wanted the cosy bedroom chat.

That’s a sure sign we are all growed up….

Now, forgive me if I’m wrong but I’d hazard a guess that your bedroom is last in the queue for a makeover. Waaay behind the cute, gender-neutral nursery that the baby refuses to sleep in and way way way behind the dream kitchen / extension that you have been saving up for years for. And I get it – it’s all too easy to essentially put yourself last in the interior pecking order, dump the laundry baskets of creased washing in there and close the door. I’ve been there believe me. There was a time when I was so sleep deprived that I literally couldn’t even be bothered to put sheets on the bed.

But those days are in the past because you and I both deserve the

dreamy, cosy, bedroom

space that we have secretly been coveting.

And it isn’t going to cost us a fortune.

Now – presuming you have spent up all remaining pennies and plastic fivers on your shoe collection, Emma Bridgewater crockery and the baby snooze pod that promised you a full nights sleep, you are going to need to be a bit more make do and mend with this little project.

And that’s where I come in…Fiona – the fairy hygge-mother with her top tips for creating that luxe look for less. And referring to herself in the third person…but let’s just get on with it shall we?

Create the luxe look for less in the bedroom this winter

It’s all about the mattress 

You know this – it’s just common sense. You can’t see the mattress, they aren’t prettifying anything or appealing to your Pinterest boards but a good one is literally the difference between a good nights sleep and a bad one. That and child-rearing but that’s for another post another time.

You need to hold off on the decor for a second and focus in on what sort of mattress is right for you. There are lots of resources you can refer to online that will help you work out which mattress is right for you such as this one from Happy Beds if you need a helping hand. Their blog, Comfort Zone is packed full of useful hints and tips on getting a good nights sleep and beautifying your bedroom space so if you are looking for some inspiration definitely check this out.

Pimp up your bedding 

Once you have your bed sorted, to create the dreamiest bed e-v-e-r you need to layer my love. So many people think that you should only use white sheets but these are the people with the word minimalism in their Insta-bio’s and no children/dogs/cats/breakfast in bed. It really is a personal choice but what will make your bed feel all the luxe, is layering. Throws, blankets, cushions, different textures and patterns – think oversized and cosy and you will be on your way to dreamy, Hygge land in no time at all. Honestly this doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think – some of my favourite places to shop have the loveliest, cosiest accessories at bargain prices and make it easy to create the luxe for less thang you have going on. Think Primark, Homesense, Wilko’s and HomeBargains to get you started but there are lots of other bargains to be had.

Let’s keep it symmetrical

Keeping it the same either side of the bed calms everything in the room and makes it feel just so…well, luxurious. This means keeping bedside tables, lamps, mirrors etc identical – show your personality and choose the items that you love by all means, just keep that love symmetrical.

Light it up baby

For me, soft lighting is the number one way to transform an otherwise really boring, cold space. Ceiling lighting is a given (presumably) but what you want to focus on is softer lighting from bedside lamps, maybe a string of fairy lights for a Christmassy twinkle, candles for a bit of luxe and ooh la-la and you get the idea. Again, this can be a really inexpensive way to transform your bedroom and add that luxe for less vibe you are going for.

Flower power

Now, if you are green-fingered and have the budget then by all means go for the real deal but if you are really looking for luxe for less then consider going down the artificial route. Definitely not one to buy online as artificial flowers can be a bit hit and miss but when you stumble upon the perfect bunch of peonies (fake ones) snap em’ up lady because these little, feminine touches are how you add that tiny touch of glamour to your new dreamy bedroom.

So there we have it, my tips for a luxe for less bedroom that you know you deserve. Hit me up on Instagram for more interior inspiration, room tours and the latest bargain homeware finds. Always always drop me a line to say “heyy” and now I will love ya and leave ya because it’s time to turn in and climb into my cosier than cosy bed for the night.

TTFN you gorgeous ones 





This is a collaborative post with Happy Beds but all luxe for less pointers are ma' own huni x

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  1. Julia
    November 23, 2017 / 06:35

    Great ideas for luxury on a budget, & aren’t we all these days!

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