The plastic free kitchen – 10 plastic swaps you can make today

What is it about being a parent that makes you suddenly think “oh shit, we are genuinely ruining this planet and we are all going to die a horrible, plastic-ridden death or have to move to Mars and start again?”

Truthfully, I did have to procreate twice in order for my eco-conscious, erm, conscience to kick in but kicked in it most certainly has. These days I am always watching animal rights video’s on Facebook, tutting loudly at shoppers who use those wildly pointless plastic bags to bag up BANANAS in Tesco (that’s not just a cute coat on the banana hun) and harping on about bamboo toothbrushes. It’s very boring and largely inconvenient but there it is. I am one of those mothers now.

And don’t be pretending that you don’t know that plastic is ruining our planet either. Because I know you do.

Stop burying your head in the plastic and start changing your life. If not for me then for the cute seals who keep getting their heads stuck in your “recycling”.

There’s no excuse.

10 ways to have a plastic free kitchen

  1. Swap your plastic grocery bags (if you must use them) for reusable produce bags. I use Veggio bags which come in a pack of five different sized polyester bags. Reusable, washable, portable. Also I very much enjoy the look on the cashier’s face when you produce one out of your trolley.
  2. Plastic water bottles. No need hun. No need. Get a reusable one – Hydramate is my go-to for our bottles as they aren’t made from plastic and they are really sturdy but honestly there are a ton of them on the market and you can and should be carrying them round with you for yourself and the kiddo’s.
  3. Ditto coffee cups.
  4. Straws. Really? Are we still seven? If so can you just do me (and the planet) a favour and purchase yourself some reusable stainless steel or bamboo straws. Thanks.
  5. Dish sponges. Aside from the fact that they are really unbelievably dirty and harbouring germs that might finish you off long before the plastic does, you don’t need them. I shared a video on Facebook the other day about coconut scourers if you need a good scrubber.
  6. Cling film. Fuck me, if you aren’t jumping up and down for joy at the thought of getting rid of this bastarding piece of plastic that tangles you in a frenzy of knots and cursing then you’re a better person than me. It’s usefulness has been replaced with a less stressful wax wrap in case you didn’t know. Slightly dodge if you’re trying to be vegan as they’re mostly made from beeswax but there are veganised versions on the market too. Go forth and de-cling.
  7. Use the milk man. I don’t know how much I want to encourage the use of dairy milk because to be honest I hate the dairy industry BUT I know that a lot of you will be using cows milk and therefore you might as well switch to a milk man delivery. Glass bottles that are reused are the way forwards and aside from the cruelty thing, isn’t that terribly retro and sweet?
  8. Hand soap. Remember when you were a kid and you just used a bar of soap and if people came round, your mum might even swap it for that Imperial Leather stuff? Yeah, well it turns out they still make it and that will clean your hands just as much as Carex Bubblegum (wtf) hand wash from a plastic bottle.
  9. Storage jars. Glass kilner jars are sooo much cuter anyway.
  10. Bread doesn’t grow in plastic bags. I mean, it doesn’t really grow anywhere but you know what I’m getting at. It gets put there by major conglomerates who don’t give a crap about the environment despite their wholesome, working class advertorials. If you think about how many loaves of bread you’ve bought in your life I expect it is thousands. And each one of those bags is still alive and kicking somewhere in the world. As is every other piece of plastic ever made. Make a change and see if you can buy from a bakery who will be happy to give you a paper bag or get a bread maker and do it yourself. Simples. Seriously, you just bung ingredients in it and press a button.

Sharing is caring so if you wouldn’t mind pinning the image below then myself and the seals would love you forever.

Ta muchly beautiful people





  1. HappyGrandma
    October 5, 2018 / 06:17

    When I was young & also when you were a child, wax paper, brown paper & string & paper bags for fruit / veg were the norm, not to mention the milkman with his GLASS bottles & the soft drinks in re useable large glass bottles…

    • Fi
      October 6, 2018 / 16:39

      It’s silly how we are all so accustomed to using plastic for everything isn’t it. Hopefully we can go back to the way you described

  2. October 25, 2018 / 10:16

    The two most common varieties of Coffee Takeaway Cups include the cups that are used for cold drinks such as cold drinks and sodas and cups used for hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

  3. September 25, 2019 / 07:21

    What a kind post! The picture of the post with the word “help us” it touched my heart. We all should apply these tips to save the animals and the environment with the harm of plastic. Will share with my group. Keep posting!

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