My Darling Memory Round-Up Week 12

Hello and welcome to week 12 of My Darling Memory. For those of you who are new to this, you can read all about my photography hashtag community here.

If you are new to the Instagram community then please come and join in. #mydarlingmemory is a place to share your special memories, big or small. Each week I choose my favourite image to be featured here on the blog and across my social media channels.

This week I’ve been seeing lots of new accounts joining us and that’s really exciting. I’m an absolute Instagram obsessive – my other half thinks it is the oddest thing that I spend so much time nosing at other people’s pictures but I’m so nosey that I can’t help it! I’ve been patiently growing my own account over the past few months and have almost reached the 5000 followers mark. I’m not joking when I say that only a few months ago, I was wondering if I would ever even reach 100 followers! You can find out how I’ve grown it so quickly here if you are trying to do the same thing with yours.

My featured capture from this week is by Mummy blogger Leanne @corneliusblog  – a really striking ‘wow’ shot that jumped out at me. Thank you so much for sharing Leanne!

My Darling Memory Instagram hashtag boy silhouette against Autumn sunset



My own gallery has taken a bit of a different direction this week. I’m trying a few new things and one of them is getting in the shot with the kids. I have so many beautiful shots of my family but I am so rarely ever in the picture with them. My all time most popular picture on Instagram was one of Sophie and I together and so this week I’ve been experimenting with some more of these type of pictures. I love them but I have to say my absolute favourite is still the one in the middle with Sophie in her little pom pom hat – so cute!


So there we have it for another week in the land of memories. Keep tagging using #mydarlingmemory and I will aim to like and follow as many of you as I can.

See you next time for Week 13




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