Hello November

Can you believe it’s November already? In some ways I feel as though Christmas was three weeks ago and yet it’s almost here once again. And can we stop to talk about how spectacular October was? Autumn is always my favourite season but this one feels like it’s been played out in technicolour glory. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the trees and the light as beautiful as I have this October.

On into November now and with it all the hullabaloo of the festive season. I know it seems as though it begins earlier and earlier each year but as a child to whom Santa Claus never came, I get giddy from the moment November begins. This will be my first year celebrating as a vegan but honestly instead of feeling worried or deprived, I am actually so excited to see what the season will bring.

But I digress as I’m here to write my October round-up. It was such a whirlwind month with birthdays; a 17th to Will, Shaun’s eldest and a 13th to my eldest, Zak. Both felt like really major milestones as one brought driving lessons (Oh GOD, I am going grey at the thought of our boys behind the wheel!) and the other into the teenage years. We celebrated in style of course with great food, hosting sleepovers and lots presents and fun. The thing about kids getting older is you suddenly realise there are way less pictures of them. Either they don’t want their picture taken or they don’t want to feature on their embarrassing mothers blog. So no pictures from these events sadly – but we enjoyed them very much.

October also saw me making some major decisions about work life balance, career choices and a commitment to a vegan lifestyle. I am always the same each Autumn – for me it always feels like the beginning of a new year for some reason – a time to slow down and reevaluate priorities, finances and life in general. This year was no exception and November sees me going back into the office full time for the first time in over six years. I think I should be more worried than I am but right now I feel really positive about it.

And of course half term came and went in a flurry of activities, meals out and fun. We have had family staying with us for most of half term and it was a really lovely time. They live in Surrey so we don’t see them anywhere near as much as we want to so we really made the most of having them here.


After that little round-up, let me run you through the things I’ve been loving this month:


Actually had a pretty good month and read a fair few books. My favourites were Lily Allens autobiography and Crazy Rich Asians. Head over to this post to read my book reviews if you want to know more.


I’ve become hooked on YouTube again and I’ve really been enjoying Emily Norris’s videos. I’ve been subscribed to her channel for ages now but I don’t often watch too many things on YouTube so I’ve had quite a few video’s to catch up on. I like her sunny nature and positive parenting attitude. If I’m having a bad or grumpy day, she often cheers me up. I guess that’s the power of sharing your own journey through motherhood.

I’ve also found a new channel called Michelle Khare. She takes on weird and wonderful challenges and it was her training for a marathon video that really piqued my interest in her channel. After my 10k, I’ve really toyed with the idea of running a half marathon soon and this really inspired me.


Perhaps this was the month that I stopped selfies (LOL) but I’ve no pictures of anything I wore. I mean, I’m not really interested in fashion anyway so it’s not a huge surprise. For sure tights and chunky boots have made an appearance in my wardrobe though!

One of things I want to give more thought to is how my fashion choices effect the environment, both in terms of ethical business and in terms of the use of animal products. It’s funny that “they’re made of leather” has always been a mark of the quality of the shoes I wear for example. And now, as a vegan, I’m kind of horrified about the process behind creating leather. Whilst food brands and restaurants are really taking big leaps to include vegans, I’m not sure accessible vegan fashion is in the same boat just yet.

One thing I’ve been enjoying “wearing” though is my eyelash extensions. They make such a difference to my face with and without makeup and I absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone.


Whilst I don’t really feel like I have been anywhere to write about, we have certainly eaten out a lot this month and I wanted to note here that everywhere I’ve been has offered a vegan option. Isn’t that brilliant? Even Nando’s and Turtle Bay had some really lovely, well thought out vegan options on their new menu’s. Turtle Bay’s aubergine curry and coconut rice in particular was so good.

I feel like this is a fabulous step forward and one I hope will continue to move forwards.


Sophie came out of her cot and into her big girl bed at the end of October. Bless her heart she was equal parts confused and excited. I’ll let you imagine how many times she got out of her bed for the first few nights. Fingers crossed she adjusts soon.

To me, it felt like a MASSIVE milestone – because never again will I have a baby in a cot. That’s such a weird thing to say and actually, I feel a little sad about it. It’s not that I want another baby, it’s just that I wasn’t sure I wanted to close the door.

Maybe it’s not just Sophie who will have to take some time to adjust.

So that’s October for you. I hope you had a brilliant October and will have an even better November. I have a packed schedule of blog content with so many cosy, comforting vegan recipes, beauty finds for people who don’t want their products testing on animals and of course lots of opinion based pieces on motherhood and life in general.

I’m also picking up my vlogging game on YouTube again – you can watch our Sunday vlog below to see what a typical Sunday routine looks like as a mum of two. I’m planning on putting out video’s on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday’s moving forwards so I hope you’ll hop across and have a watch of them.

In the meantime, if you have any video or blog post requests, I’d love to hear them and you can leave them in the comments below.

That’s all for now, have a great month



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