Life lately…

Well hello there.

I think I am getting worse at checking in with this blog but life lately has been a tad manic.

Whilst most people were tucking into their Christmas left-overs, I went straight back to work on 2nd Jan. There was a big event at work and things continued much in that vein for the rest of January.

In the end, I did four countries in six weeks and as I always said I wanted to travel the world, I am in no way complaining (but I am a bit).

Living out of a suitcase and negotiating the minute but essential complexities of which child has guitar lessons / ballet / an immovable attitude problem has made things rather a challenge.

Not to mention that my diet plan went to shit when I saw the nosh on offer.

Any form of skincare routine went to shit because I’d rather sleep.

And let’s not get started on my fitness plan (because I certainly didn’t).

Sleep schedules also went out of the window and that has pretty much been my normality for seven weeks now.

I have a feeling that no matter how much I grasp at the organised, neat-freak I used to be, this will just be the way life is this year; one happy, chaotic, jumbled-up, sleep-deprived mess at home and a more focused and ambitious me in my professional life.

There’s a film isn’t there, where the character says “if everything is going to shit in your home life then it’s probably time for a promotion” and life feels a bit that way right now, although with a much happier tone. I have a feeling that the film is The Devil Wears Prada. Make of that what you will.

This year alone, in amongst the littlest one turning four (mad idea to host a birthday party in my own house) and my own birthday, I’ve been lucky enough to see a bit of Helsinki, Tampere (a city in the north west of Finland), Doha, London (twice), Copenhagen and Malmo in Sweden. I’ve also been able to practice my videography and photography skills with a new creative project at work and embarked on a Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing in my spare (!!) time (actual LOLs).

My first assignment is due in a matter of weeks so I probably should be over there studying, instead of in here blogging. Standard procrastination tactics from me as per.

Anyway, I thought I’d pop on and share some of my favourite images and moments from the bonkers start to the 2020s.

I was scrolling through my ridiculously cracked phone and realised that life is entirely perfect right now despite the sheer lunacy of raising babies and battling boardrooms (joke, I go into one about once a month).

There was a time when I longed for this life but when you are busy living it, sometimes that’s easy to forget. So, indulge me for a minute and have a nosey at my very own highlight reel*


*Not included in the highlight reel:

  • The time I fractured my skull (don't ask)
  • The time my face exploded with the worst cold known to (wo)man
  • The time I sobbed myself to sleep, missing my family after one too many nights away
  • The mum-guilt
  • The reliance on JustEat
  • The time I argued with the Joe boy, decided to drive off in a sulk and then got stuck on the side of a hill in the dark and had to ring him and cry (LOL)
  • All of the many, MANY, times I woke in the night to a child who simply will not STAY IN HER BED

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