Where Do You Keep Your Memories?

Memories are a funny thing. So important and precious and yet not tangible at all.

What is your favourite memory?

Your wedding? The birth of your child? A special holiday? A day spent with a relative or friend who is no longer with us? Maybe it’s big or maybe it’s small but it’s sure as hell important. Probably it’s also nigh on impossible to choose just one.

For most of us though, I will hedge a bet that our most important memories center around our babies and children. Watching them grow, meeting their milestones and holding on to each, tiny triumph in their days are things we all cherish as parents.

Being a busy, working parent though, I have at times felt as though I’ve missed out on some of these memories. I am sad to say that I missed my son’s first words, steps and even his first day at school due to work commitments. Something that I now regret. You can’t go back though can you?

Due to my frequent work trips and long hours in the office, photographs and video footage have become all important to me as a parent. It brightens my day to see a picture of my children pop up on my phone whilst at work. It makes every bit of difference to be able to use technology to video call them when I’m away and probably some of the most grainy, shaky film¬†footage of my kids is my most treasured. Watching those grainy, wobbly video’s from way back when, transports me in my own little time machine back to those moments when he was little and I was a whole lot less wise.

Memories of childhood

I store thousands of photographs on Dropbox or my iCloud these days and immortalizing those memories is a massive part of the reason I started my YouTube channel.

BUT…and this is a big but, what about storing hard copies of your precious memories? Do you do that?

When Zak was around four years old, we were burgled. We had just moved into a brand new home and somebody took it upon themselves to break in. They took everything electrical they could get their theiving hands on. Including my hard drives, where four years of video footage and all of his baby photographs were stored. I had no back ups, no hard copies, nothing.

Memories of childhood

It broke my heart.

They could have taken my TVs and money and jewellery all day long but my memories? I can’t get them back and now I only have the ones that other family members have taken of him. Even now it breaks my heart to think about it. What they had actually stolen from me was a piece of his childhood.

It occurred to me the other day that the same could happen for everything stored digitally. Hackers, technical glitches or whatever but it is a possibility that they could all just disappear one day in some matrix like hole.

So I’m seriously considering keeping two copies of everything precious. A hard copy and a soft copy. ¬†I have all my footage on cloud storage of course (who doesn’t?!) but I am seriously considering keeping a self storage container like this one from Storebox, with all the things I hold dear to me on hard drives and in photo albums. It would be nice to visit it every so often and spend some time taking a little trip down memory lane.

I won’t be making the mistake of storing my memories of the kids in just one place from now on because they are memories that no money could replace.

So then, where do you keep your memories? I’d love to know so leave a comment in the box below.




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