What Will The Future Hold?

I’m sitting here this morning with Sophie watching the dreaded Teletubbies. It’s mind numbing and when my mind is numbed it tends to wander.

You see, I’m turning thirty this week. Yup the big 3-0. So the big questions are on my mind.

I’m not dreading it like a lot of people do – in fact quite the opposite. Turning 30 is marking a turning point in my life where I feel focused, driven, full of life and energy and with a tiny bit more disposable income and common sense than I’ve had in my twenties. I have a feeling that it’s going to be my best decade.

I do feel a bit older though. Ok, so I know I’m not old but yes, I definitely feel a bit creakier and have spotted the odd line or grey hair. I am not the eighteen year old that I sometimes still think I am and my reflection often takes me a bit by surprise.

I know from speaking with my mother and my grandmother that this only gets worse. Apparently we only ever feel like young and vibrant spring chickens in our minds but our bodies are the ones that inevitably let us down.

With this in mind, one of my goals for my thirties is to really step up my diet and fitness levels. I want to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Call it a thirties crisis if you like but it suddenly feels so important. I want to be around for myself and my kids and maintain my independence for as long as humanly possible.

Obviously, I know that for people of my generation, concerns about our own independent living  are some way off in the future but we may have more current concerns over our own parents or grandparents. I know I do. So I shall be annoying everyone in my family with my new healthy lifestyle and dragging them all outside into the fresh air with me (yes that means you Mum!)

As well as encouraging my family to be healthy and to keep active, it’s reassuring to know that there are a whole host of technologies out there that can assist with independent living.  I recently learnt that John Lewis actually created a space in their Oxford Street store last year to promote independent living and to represent all the ways that smart gadgets could create a connected home. There are gadgets out there that you’ll never have even dreamt of!

If you do have any current concerns about enabling a family member to maintain their independence at home then The Ability Superstore also has a whole range of  technology and smart gadgets for you to consider. It’s actually amazing how many products there and for me this does provide some peace of mind for the future. It might be worth a chat with your family and alleviate any concerns you have.

I can only imagine what technology will have created in another 40 years time. Who knows what the future will hold hey.

Speak soon lovelies




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  1. Julia
    January 24, 2017 / 17:39

    I guess we all at any age know we should eat sensibly & exercise etc. Good luck with your endeavours! As to independent living , well
    Any aids possible to achieve this as we get older useful, I think. Mental stimulation & coming any also vital to achieve this outcome…

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