For The Love Of BLOG – #34

Happy Saturday!
How has your week been? We have been on half term this week but I know some of you are working to a different holiday calendar than us. Whatever you have been up to, I hope it’s been a happy, healthy and productive week for you. I have to say, it’s been a bit of a difficult week round these parts with sleep regression’s, teenage style strops and a fair few germs. Still that’s life I guess!

Work wise things have ramped up a lot this week. They say January can typically be a quiet month but February has been a lot better so far. When paid opportunities are in short supply, I often turn to freelance writing gigs to bump up the bank balance. This is a great way of using your skills to earn a bit of extra cash with most websites paying between £100-200 per article. I have a long list of parenting websites that accept content and pay their contributors well that I will be sharing with my email subscribers soon. If that’s your thing then don’t forget to sign up.

Probably most exciting of all this week is the news that I am now the BritMum’s Working Mum’s Round-Up editor. My first round-up is due out towards the end of March so if you have written any posts about being a working mum and would like to have them considered, drop me a line at

Thank you to all those who linked up again last week – it was another fab week. Also big thank you to Cherry from The Newby Tribe for helping us to guest host!

This week we are joined by Kimberley who blogs at Odd Hogg as our guest host. Please don’t forget to include her in your tweets and of course show her post some love.

My pick of the week from week 33 goes to Jane who blogs at Maflingo and her post: How my NUS card tip hit the headlines, angered the trolls and went viral. Reading this made me feel really irritated that someone could use her content without her permission but also reminded me that once you put information onto the web, then it’s never really going to belong to just you again. Additionally, it really shows the power bloggers can have!

I loved the way Jane told her story and I actually think it was a pretty useful tip too.

Jane – we have a brand new ‘Featured Blogger Badge’ below for you to add to your blog which we hope will take pride of place.

A Mum Track Mind



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  1. February 18, 2017 / 07:24

    Thanks for featuring me, Fi! Made my day! Brilliant news about the round-up! Well done! Xx

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