For The Love Of BLOG – #16

Hi and welcome back to the best linky in town (Ok, slightly biased but hey). As a lot of you  noticed, Claire and I took a little linky break last week. Sometimes life just gets in the way of all this blogging – very rude of it! We are back this weekend and looking forward to reading all those fab posts that you’ve been writing. I’m so so sorry that I was so slow on commenting for week 15. Life just got so busy and hectic that I felt like my head was going to pop off! I’ve been quite quiet on the blog recently as a result but I’m sure after my holiday I will be recharged and back on it. I will get round to reading and commenting on them all I promise!

As you read this I will be somewhere in the South of France with four kids and undoubtedly, lots of wine. To help Claire out this week, she is being helped out this week by Sarah from Tammymum so please be sure to include her in your tweets etc. Also, be sure to check out her gorgeous blog – I know you will love it!

Have a great week everyone and I will see you all soon
Much love

Here is the badge for this week’s linky – please make sure you add it to your posts and we will love you forever 🙂

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