For The Love Of BLOG – #32

Hi guys,

welcome back to another week here on planet earth. What is that quote from? I can’t really remember but it’s been going round and round in my head!

Anywaaay… how are you? How has your week been?

I really hope that you have escaped the general ailments that our lovely offspring seem to incubate in their snotty noses at this time of year? We have not been so fortunate and both work and social life have been a total right off as a result. Social life – ha! Who am I kidding?! Just work then.

Hopefully as you read this, I will have escaped from the clutches of the mini dictators and be swanning my way around London with my long-suffering better half. I say hopefully because the littlest one is actually just starting a course of antibiotics for an ear infection and I won’t be able to leave her unless she turns a corner. They do pick their moments kids, don’t they!

And that moment is my thirtieth birthday. Yep, today folks is my big 3-0. Whoo! Exciting stuff for me.

How did you celebrate yours or if you haven’t yet, how are you planning on doing so? There’s something very Cadbury’s Creme Egg about that sentence isn’t there..

You can read about my plans here if you feel so inclined or head over to my Insta feed for a blow by blow account of the (hopefully not too messy) action.

On to the Linky now…

Loads of great posts again last week – thank you to all who linked up and shared the Linky love.

My pick of the week was written by Laura who blogs at Five Little Doves, with her Rocking Motherhood post. I loved it!

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