How to banish negativity – the Facebook edit

I’m unfriending Facebook. Yep that’s right. Take that Faceache. Didn’t see that one coming did you.

Ok, no I know they don’t give a fig. But I am deleting the big blue F from my phone and my life.

Why? Well you can watch my reasons right here as I’ve been chatting all about it over on my YouTube channel this week.

If you canny be arsed to watch me yaddah on then I will sum it up for you:

Facebook does nothing for me

Seriously nothing.

Between my A Mum Track Mind Facebook page and my personal page, it’s giving me approximately nothing in my life other than the odd cute cat meme and amusement / bewilderment when you realise some poor fool took in a fox from the street and mistook it for a homeless dog. I actually cried with laughter on this occasion so thanks for the laughs Faceache but they are few and far between.

Facebook is too negative 

Never before have I come across a social media platform where there is such negativity. It just sucks you in to a downwards spiral of bickering and backstabbing. People just love to wade in on discussions with their big ol’ judger-pants on this platform and I’m sick of reading all that crap. See the above point about it doing nada for my life or mood. I don’t like judgmental people and I don’t want to read or get involved with that in my life anymore.

Facebook is a time waster

I’m a busy gal. Like seriously busy.

Yet I still find myself sitting, standing, kneeling or perching and scrolling through that blue feed on and off all day. I’m actually wondering how much time must be taken up each day doing this and how much more productive I might be as a blogger / mother / worker bee if I were to claim back that time.

Watch this space…

Comparison is not my game

If it’s not bringing me down, then Facebook is igniting the green eyed monster. And green ladies, is not my colour.

I don’t want to see pictures of your amazing holiday unless I’m actually friends with you and there is prosecco and gossip involved.

I don’t want to know if another blogger that I love has won an uh-maz-ing contract with the brand of my dreams who would never even so much as sniff in the direction of my blog. It makes me question and second guess myself and my own abilities, which is not really a productive headspace to sit in.

It is just a big old platform of boasting and one upmanship which has a horrible effect on me and I want no part of it anymore.

So whaddya think guys? How long do you think I’m going to last before I crack and give in to the lure of cute cat memes and bitchy, judgey-pants discussions?

Watch this space – hopefully I can hold out.

Lemme know if you’ve given Facebook the old boot or not? I’m nosey like that…




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  1. October 22, 2017 / 22:44

    wowsers your brave. I’d love to ditch big blue but that’s where most of my feeble traffic comes from.

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