February moments – life right now

Whilst January seemed to last for at least 360 days, February seemed to whizz by in a blur for us. Now we are heading towards the middle of March and I can’t quite believe it – so I wanted to find a way of documenting the months as they all race past with a little round up type post.

We had a mostly gorgeous month, despite the absolutely insane cold (-14 windchill!!) and bouts of snow that came with the so-called Beast from the East. Living in the North West of England however, meant that we didn’t really get any snow that stuck around or caused traffic problems so there were no days off school for us. Still, the unusually cold temperatures have meant getting out and about with a toddler who refuses to wear gloves, slightly more tricky (ie we stayed indoors) and were subjected to more Peppa flaming Pig than is right or just.

The Bad Stuff

My Uncle passed away at the age of 80 and we made the rollercoaster of a journey to the Yorkshire Dales (just as the snow descended) to his burial. Death is just something I struggle to get my head and heart around but as my sister said, “nobody can ever understand it”. Never a truer word spoken but I found a lot of comfort in the fact he had planned his own funeral so I knew it was exactly as he wished it to be and that he was buried in the most beautiful spot, next to his late wife, overlooking all of the Yorkshire Dales. It was a moving and lovely service  but came with the stark reminder that I need to make much more time for my family whilst I can. Funny how these things throw everything into perspective.

In other news, I have started a new course of treatment which has been tricky in terms of side effects. Weight gain, a dry mouth, a strong feeling that I’ve been drugged, unable to drive etc – this is probably the main reason that I’ve spent so much time at home in February. The side effects will probably last a few more weeks so it’s just a case of riding it out for now and hoping they ease off.

The kids

Both have been well and in fine form this month thankfully 🙂 Sophie is getting so big now and is talking in full paragraphs, never mind just sentences! She’s really found a love for arts and crafts – unfortunate considering my dislike of them but she’s actually pretty good!

Zak has settled so well into senior school (what a relief!) and is morphing into a young adult more and more. I don’t feel as sad about it all as I thought I would, he’s turning into a lovely lad and I just feel overwhelmingly proud of him. His electric guitar skills have been a pleasant surprise all round and we have often been treated to Apache by the Shadows as well as bouts of Oasis (timeless) and Gun ‘n’ Roses (please make it stop).

I realise as I write this, that I have no pictures of the two of them together and that makes me feel a little bit sad. I guess it’s indicative of how difficult it is to find activities that they can both do together with the ten year age gap.

Zak and I spend one dedicated day together a month, just the two of us… but I just realised we missed February so I’m another day booked in ASAP. It’s really important to me to get one on one time with each of my kids and I’m a bit miffed I’ve let this slip if I’m being honest.

However, one lovely thing we have done is that I’ve set Sunday morning’s aside to go to the local park and coffee shop – just a little, inexpensive treat with my kids – not forgetting the pups who are always on their worst behaviour! Coco escaped and took great delight in running round Cafe Nero for five minutes last week!

But that said, a little coffee, cake and fresh air is a fab way to start our day.

Days Out

My favourite day out was to Windmill Animal Farm in Burscough, (West Lancs). My sister and her little girl and me and Sophie wrapped up against the incoming windchill and had such a lush day with the kids seeing all of the animals, feeding the new orphan lambs and even taking a ride on a little steam train! If you are local, Windmill Animal Farm is absolutely gorgeous and just FYI has one of the best soft play areas for toddlers that I’ve found.


I felt something change in February with regards to my blog and work has been flooding in, which has been in part due to my Instagram focus I think. Whatever it is, I like it!

My most popular post as always was 20 Time Saving Hacks For Mum’s. I wrote this over a year ago and it is almost always my best performing post.

My most popular YouTube video was this one:

I adore making YouTube video’s but it took me a year to get consistent and reach 1000 subscribers. Now at the time of writing, two months later, I’m so pleased to say I’m at 2000! Thank you if you watch and support my channel 🙂

And that’s it for February I think!

March has now waltzed in with another snow shower, a luxury mini break, a big dose of germs and lots of exciting work so there will be loads to tell you at the end of the month.

Have a great month you guys 🙂






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    March 8, 2018 / 17:02

    A lovely post

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