How to make the most of your thirties

How to make the most of your thirties… Hmm well, turning the big 3-0 didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I embraced it with open arms seeing how my twenties were not so fab.

Thirty-one however? Um, no. Just no. Because now I am apparently a woman in her thirties and that feels weird and wrong.

Wrong or not that is the situation on the horizon and as with all extreme situations or big life events I’ve taken to my list making and goal setting to help me process the fact I have nine years to make the most of before I turn forty (and life ends LOL).

The big question is just what do I want to achieve? How am I going to make the most of my thirties?

List incoming…

Come with me and set life, career, financial and personal goals to make the most of your thirties and make sure you live the best life yet



This is MY time and whilst a little bit of the mum in me feels like a selfish cow for saying this, the other side of me is ready to knuckle down and f-o-c-u-s.

In my twenties I didn’t have the confidence to believe in myself but nowadays I have a little bit more confidence and the wisdom (really?!) to know when to ask for help and how to fill the gaps in my knowledge.

So it’s time to set career goals; a 12 month, five year and ten year career plan using SMART goals. To normal folk that stands for:

S – specific

M – measurable

A- achieveable

R – realistic

T – time boundĀ 

Using this SMART system really helps me to focus on the goals and then work backwards as to how exactly I need to achieve them. But believe me, this doesn’t mean that the goals aren’t big. Because they are.


Ok this is the big, grown-up stuff isn’t it. Eeshk.

Again, it’s time to set 12 month, 5 year, 10 year and *whisper it* retirement goals. Oh yes I went there.

It’s scary shit but it’s unavoidable. We have four kids, a mortgage and dreams to achieve. Life insurance, pensions and all that scary grown up stuff – any smart, savvy woman needs to be in control of this.


I guess this one is personal but for me, I’ve stopped thinking of my weight as my health. I understand that there is a link but it’s not the be all and end all like it was in my twenties. It’s horrible to say this but people I’ve loved and friends I’ve known have not made it to their thirties and it is the strength and bravery of these ladies that has taught me perspective and what really matters. And FYI a wobbly arse isn’t one of them.

Fitter and stronger yes. Thinner? No.

I am extremely focused on being balanced, enjoying food and fitness and keeping on top of my mental health battles. Definitely a work in progress but an important shift in my priorities nonetheless.


How about life though? Day to day living through my thirties?

Well once all the big and important stuff is organised and in progress, the way I intend to make the most of my thirties is to laugh, love and live harder than ever. That’s it in a nutshell. Live the little moments, take lots of deep breaths when things piss me off, squeeze my kids tighter than ever and let the meaningless stuff go.

Because with a still relatively young healthy body, a new sense of confidence, a little bit more financial security and a positive outlook – this should be the best decade yet.

Am I right?

So how about you…how are you going to make your thirties the best years yet?




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