Because everyone loves a mum hack – the 20 you NEED to know

Everyone loves a mum hack, right? My most popular post was all about working mum hacks which you can read here if you get a minute. Pinterest is absolutely full of them, your best mate down the road just told you all about how she sat on her kid to stop them rolling away mid-poonami change and the reality is you’re probs just doing them in your sleep. Because motherhood? It’s survival of the fittest and we need allll of the systems to get our jobs done faster, smarter and more hygienically than ever before.

Anyhoo, if you’re reading this then you really don’t have time to listen to me waffle on so let’s just get to the good stuff – the mum hacks you need to know to get you through.

I teamed up with Katy from What Katy Said to do a video and between us we have cooked up twenty delish little mum hacks.

You can thank us later (or Pinterest because in all honesty that’s where we got them from…)

Busy mum? Feeling overwhelmed? Then you need these life-changing mum hacks that are super easy but will save you time, money, energy and a ton of stress! Tried and tested by mum's in the know - click through to change your life

Mum hack #1 – Stock up on birthday supplies

No doubt about it – you’re little darling is going to have a better social life than you and it’s going to revolve around soft play birthdays from hell, party bags with tat that they will love so hard that they’ll have to take it to bed with them for the next ten days (until the next party and soft play, E-number filled bag of goodies) and cake that you will eat when they aren’t looking. So running to Tesco direct at 10pm the night before the 9am party (stop that parents, it’s just adding insult to injury) is an option but it’s a pretty shitty one. Get organised, get ahead of the game and head down to Card Factory to stock up on their 59p generic birthday cards and wrapping paper. I know. I’m such a good friend.

Poundland is your friend in the gifts / shit nobody wants department so get a basket (I love me a basket) and fill with generic plastic tat that you can delve into when one of those crumpled birthday invites is dug out of the bottom of a lunchbox.

Mum hack #2 – Wear your knickers in your hair

Those of you who have read my blog for a while will clearly be converts to this already – ahem. But actually the mum hack here is to shower and do your hair the night before. None of this trying to shower with a tiny, toast-demanding audience at 5am thank you very much. When you’ve done this, secure your lovely shiny hair in a pair of pants (clean ones thank you very much). It holds the style without leaving those nasty bobble marks.

Stop your judgement and get on with it.

Mum hack #3 – Keep your socks the same colour

Ya know when you read something and think “oh my god, how have I missed something so obvious?”


No more hunting for lost socks. No more matching up sad single socks with ones that are just not quite right. And no more swiping left on the socks that just don’t match.

Make em’ all the same. Sorted.

Mum hack #4 – Outsource

Ain’t no shame in this game. Get a cleaner. Get a gardener. Get a personal chef. Hell, even get a dog poop picker-upper if you can afford it. Just get help, outsource whatever you can whenever you can and stop pretending to be superwoman.

If you’re broke and can’t afford to outsource, then you can still do things like online shopping that can help a busy mama out.

Mum hack #5 – Keep an emergency box in your car

Then if your kid is naughty, you can put them in it.


But do have a basket in the boot with a change of clothes for littlest, grubbiest, muddy puddle jumper and in it you should keep:

  • A full set of clothes
  • Nappies, wipes, sudocreme and general poonami emergency supplies
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Spare hats, gloves and welly socks
  • Plastic bags, kitchen roll and baby wipes (aka the ‘puke’ kit)

Just helps to know it’s there in case you need it and can’t be bothered squeezing it all into your Chloé Drew bag…(ha! I wish!)

Mum hack #6 – Use a laundry routine

There’s six people in this house – that’s a lot of dirty clothes / bedding / towels etcetera.

If you are like me then you need a laundry routine that consists of more than just winging it and throwing a wash on when you’ve lost your toddler under a pile of dirty socks.

Mine goes like this:

  • Wash on last thing at night
  • Dry washing first thing in morning
  • Fold and put away when I get home from work

Simples. But pretty effective once you get on a roll with it.

Mum hack #7 – Keep all your cleaning supplies in one place

Using a cheap caddy and keeping all of your cleaning essentials in it makes total sense. That way you can just take the caddy from room to room whilst cleaning and you don’t have to keep running up and down the stairs because you’ve forgotten that particular cloth or bathroom spray. Because let’s face it – if you have to do that you probably won’t bother.

Mum hack #8 – Create a feeding  / snack station

Feeding people is up there with one of those never ending tasks, a bit like laundry. Get over it – it’s got to be done I’m afraid.

In our house we have snack stations set up – separate containers that I fill up and the kids can help themselves to when they are hungry. If you are feeling really organised then you could even go as far as having a separate food group in each container and then when you make packed lunches all you will need to do is take one item from each container, safe in the knowledge you have created a balanced meal for the little people. Just don’t let them do it themselves otherwise they will end up with six yoghurts and a cheese string.

Mum hack #9 – Choose time saving makeup

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to include this hack in my post as it’s not really my thing. I’m more a full face of makeup in the morning kinda gal BUT there are definitely days as a busy mum where it’s just not practical or possible to get this kind of polished look together.

And those days are for BB / CC cream (as a side point I’m wondering if they will bring out a DD cream…) – clever, easy-to-slap-on products will at least leave you looking slightly more alive and if you’ve teamed them with a really good skincare regime you are on to a winner. Make the most of these quick-to-use products or get a really simples makeup routine down pat.

Mum hack #10 – Make coffee in travel mugs

No mother I’ve ever met has actually ever sat down to finish a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. So pop that piping hot coffee into a travel mug and have the benefit of it being

a) completely spill proof and portable whilst you are chasing your toddler round the house


b) hot for a long time – giving you a fighting chance to actually drink it at a relevant temperature.

Mum hack #11 – Wear a dressing gown over your clothes

Snot. Poo. Wee. Baby vomit. Porridge. Chocolate spread (although that might have been poo as well…) and dog drool. This is a list of fluids I came into contact with pre-8am last week, whilst I attempted to go to the office.

Wearing a dressing gown over my clothes saved me having to go back upstairs and get changed (or more likely, wiping feverishly at myself in the car with a baby wipe).

Do it and feel no shame.

Mum hack #12 – Stickers in shoes

Can’t tell your right from your left? No? Just me?

Well the kiddies are in good company at least…

Save time and effort in the morning by chopping a sticker in half and placing one half in each shoe so that when they go to put them on, they can line the stickers up and see which shoe belongs on each foot.

You might as well. They attach the stickers to everything else after all.

Mum hack #13 – Shower caps on pram wheels

Sheer genius. Or maybe that should be shower genius. Ahem.

How many times have you shoved your pram into the boot and cringed at the crud smearing itself all over the inside of your car?

Exactly – so instead ignore the “what a weirdo” looks from your fellow passers-by and pop a shower cap over each muddy wheel to protect the inside of your car from the mud, chewing gum and dog poop you accidentally wheeled through.

Mum hack #14 – Pick up small bits with a sock on the hoover

Well that was succinct I’m sure you’ll agree.

But yes, if you have a million tiny beads, loom bands (omg remember that debacle?!?) or pieces of tiny, foot-destroying lego all over your carpet at the end of the day (and by that I mean by 7am) all you need to do is place a sock over the nozzle of your hoover attachment, secure with a plastic band and hoover away. The sock will just catch all of those bits and bobs and you can place them back where they belong (which is the bin by the way).

Mum hack #15 – Get things ready the night before

Yaddah yaddah yaddah.

Not so much a hack – more like common sense.

So go and do it because we all know ten minutes prep at night is way more convenient than ten mins shrieking time in the morning.

Mum hack #16 – Baskets in the boot

If I were being logical, I’d have grouped this hack with mum hack #5 – but I’m not.

So all you need to do is place a big ol’ laundry basket in the boot of your car and when it’s full up with bags / coats / happy meal cartons, you will know it’s time to bring it in to empty out. It’s so much easier than just taking things in one by one.

Mum hack #17 – The ten minute speed clean

Ahh the speed clean. A mums’ best friend.

Learn the art of a ten minute tidy up once the kids are in bed and feel way better about your life, lack of sleep and lateness for work in the morning when you come down to discover a tidy home.

Mum hack #18 – The bath toy tidy 

There are no words for how much I love this hack.

No seriously. It involves a shower rail, bathroom storage baskets and clean bath toys. Go and watch it here because if I try to attempt explaining it you will glaze over and go back to browsing ASOS.

Mum hack #19 – Tattoo your eyebrows

Ok not really unless microblading is your thing but recently I’ve been using and LOVING Maybelline’s Tattoo brow.

And so has everyone else because it’s all out of stock every other week. Soz but I’m sure it will come back into stock soon.

And when it does, go and look it up because it’s amazeballs.

And yes eyebrows are an essential part of your beauty regime. You don’t get to be exhausted AND have bad eyebrows. No.

Mum hack #20 – Get the kids involved with the cleaning

If your little one is anything like mine then they will want to do everything you do. Cute and annoying at the same time.

I use cheapo plastic spray bottles and  fill them with water, give Sophie a clean cloth and let her follow me round “cleaning”. She loves it, it lets me get on with the cleaning and she thinks we are all just having a great big fun time. Win.

And you know what? That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the hacks I have coming up to make your life a little bit easier. I’ve been in the business of raising little people for twelve years now so you tend to learn a few survival tricks. Also I’m reaaallly good at stalking Pinterest.

I’d love for you to pop across and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like this kind of “lets be organised together” kinda thing. I post three times a week and try my darnedest to my helpful but also honest and real because, well, y’know – hashtag mum life.

That’s all for now folks but I’d love to know which of these hacks is your fave so drop me a comment below.

Lotsa love chickadee’s!














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  1. Julia
    November 28, 2017 / 07:56

    Very useful tips. I love the one about sock over hoover to pick small bits up!

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