Family meal ideas – our meals for the week

Hey mama, how’s it going? For today’s post I’m going to be sharing my family meal ideas for this week.

If we haven’t met then you won’t know this but I am a self-confessed feeder extraordinaire and it’s a good job too as we have FOUR kids to feed in this house and that means I have had to get really good at feeding a lot of people…

big bowlful’s of delicious grub on a penny-pinching budget

And secretly? I absolutely love it. Coming up with family meal ideas, shopping for all the ingredients and putting out a right old feast on the dinner table is my idea of fun these days. There’s something so lovely about having the whole fam round the table tucking in to the food I’ve made and chatting about anything and everything.

But I do know that it can get a bit tedious when you’re the sole person in charge of the family meal ideas and food shopping so that’s why I share my grocery haul’s over on my YouTube channel. I love being nosey and seeing what other people buy but also find it super useful to share this kind of thing so we can all get new ideas for family meal ideas and feel less like crappy parents when you see how many packets of crisps other families really eat. Ahem.

Anyway, I will link this week’s grocery haul below if that’s your kinda thang’.

So back to the blog, each week I will be sharing my family meal ideas and meal plan for our family of six.

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Family meal ideas for the week #1

A week of delicious, wholesome family meal ideas for a large family - why not take some meal inspiration for your own meal plan this week?

Watch our family meal ideas and grocery haul for the week!

What’s on your menu plan this week? Drop your suggestions into the comments box below 🙂

Have a great week



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