Quality time with the kids for Mother’s Day

This month with Mother’s Day on the horizon, intu Trafford Centre in Manchester invited Zak and I to spend some time with them and as we love going there, we jumped at the chance.

I try to spend some quality time each month with Zak. Usually we try to get outdoors, do a hike or something similar but as the weather has been nothing short of appalling recently, we were quite glad of this opportunity.
Daddy pig (aka Shaun) was supposed to be minding Sophie but after a debacle of a morning, I decided that Daddy pig needed time to himself and we set off as a party of three. Luckily, Miss screaming-screamerson was in fine voice and shouted along happily to the Gruffalo audio CD on loop for the hour’s journey. So much fun.

I filmed the whole show (minus the Gruffalo) which you can watch on my YouTube channel if you feel so inclined.

Mother’s Day at intu Trafford Centre

Mother’s Day lunch at Pizza Express

We had our lunch at Pizza Express – one of our favourite family restaurants and it didn’t disappoint. If you’ve ever tried it then you’ll know the kids menu is really good and they cater so well for little ones. Crayons (that you can’t eat!), stickers, dress-up chef hats, puzzle books and more are immediately dispensed. The staff carefully think about where you can put your pushchair and make it as family friendly as possible. Also, before we get into the food portion of the programme, it’s worth noting that the baby changing facilities are excellent and very clean. I find that it’s these smaller details that can make or break the experience of eating out with small children.

For starters, the kids both had dough balls and I was pleased to see that a hefty portion of salad comes with them as  standard. Although, needless to say my hater-of-salad boy picked his out and eyed it suspiciously.

Mother's Day lunch at Pizza Express at intu Trafford Centre

Boy having Mother's Day lunch at Pizza Express at intu Trafford Centre

For main course we all had pizza (obviously…) although there are plenty of choices of salads (erm no) and pasta dishes if we had been so inclined. My personal favourite is the Leggera (light) range because it leaves room for all that delicious gelato I just know I can’t resist!

Pizza from Pizza Express


Mother's Day dessert selection

A big thank you to Pizza Express for inviting us and looking after us so well! They are doing a lovely Mother’s Day menu but I would recommend booking a table as it gets unfeasibly busy around lunch and dinner times.

Mother’s Day makeover at The Body Shop

Following on from our lovely lunch, we rolled ourselves over to The Body Shop (much to Zak’s disgust) where I had been invited to try a Mother’s Day makeover in store. Sophie dutifully fell asleep, Zak was given a “if looks could kill” glare to silence the ever-flowing sarcasm and I indulged in a little pampering.

Not quite in keeping with the theme of spending quality time together but, well, it is Mother’s Day (sort of) after all.

In my experience of The Body Shop, they are usually quite small, cramped stores but not so with the one at intu Trafford Centre.

Bright, modern, welcoming and just so appealing – I think I could have spent quite some time in there if it weren’t for the mini hangers on.

The before shot…

Mother's Day makeover at The Body Shop at intu Trafford Centre

The makeup used….

Makeup and skincare products used by The Body Shop for the Mother's Day makeover

And the after shot….

The finished result of the Mother's Day makeover I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love the results.

Whilst I am a big fan of the Vitamin E skincare range, which is so gentle and nourishing the makeup base wasn’t a great tone for my very pale skin and I felt it had too much of a yellow tone to it.  The unflattering store lighting didn’t do much to help matters either to be fair. Still you have to try it to know don’t you and the staff were so lovely and welcoming that it didn’t ruin the experience.

After a spot more shopping and a coffee, we headed back out into the rain and home.

Next time I think we will leave Sophie at home and try out the massive cinema complex or maybe even head over to Legoland for something a bit different!

All in all it was a lovely day though with a little something for both myself and the kids to enjoy.




A big thank you to the PR team at intu Trafford Centre for arranging a lovely day out for us.

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  1. Julia
    March 20, 2017 / 19:56

    Sounds as though you all had a great time, Im jealous! I love Pizza Express, I would make the same pizza choice as you did. I also love the Body Shop

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