Welcome to my dream home

Moving house is my least favourite thing to do. Ever. It’s up there with one of the most stressful things I think I’ve ever done and I’m in no hurry to do it again anytime soon. Mr S however has other ideas – he would like to move as soon as possible. Ineveitably then we will end up moving upwards and onwards at some point in the near future and it’s got me searching up Rightmove every night, looking for the dream home with the dream budget in my fictional back pocket.

So dream houses…what would yours look like? This is everyone’s favourite game, right?

I know it wil be different for everyone but go on and indulge me a little as I welcome you into my dream home. In this dream home I am quite clearly a new lottery winner by the way, my children are angelic little cherubs with golden curls and we have someone to waltz in and clean whenever there is so much a whisper of blue pens. In fact as we are dreaming, there are NO felt tip pens to be seen. None. Yay!

Oh and my home is obviously furnished by some incredible designer who has then tasked someone like Shiply furniture delivery to take care of all my delivery needs. Not a whiff of Swedish DIY in sight. Heaven.

So come on up my gated driveway, follow the beautiful winding gravel path round and welcome to my new home.

First up, bring your wellies – I am a country girl and my new home is firmly ensconced in the rural (the more rural the better) countryside. Set on a few acres of beautiful farmland, you will be welcomed by dogs running around, chickens laying eggs and maybe even a few snuffling piggies just for the kicks. It’s weird because I used to be terrified of them but anyway… So yeah, horses in the field, free-range kids running around and cherry blossom blowing around in the breeze. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is the dream. I want space, seclusion, a bit of land and the good life complete with dashing gardner to help me tend to my veg patch. Or something like that. It is a dream after all..

So come on in, step inside, (shoes left in the porch please) and you will be greeted with the smell of baking bread (natch) and a hyperactive puppy (standard round these parts).  Lets get the kettle on and have a proper brew (Yorkshire tea only) one of the cookies that the kids baked earlier – they’re good I promise, and let’s have a catch up in the kitchen. The kitchen you see, has to be my favourite room.

A big room, with stone tiles, cream cabinets, an AGA puffing away in the corner and a big old bay window with a padded seat in it where you can curl up and read a book or have a coffee. There’s a grand, old wooden table with mismatched chairs and probably a few piles of laundry on it waiting to be put away.

I don’t do minimilist so there will be soft colours, warmth and signs of life everywhere you look. My toddlers latest piece of artwork, magnets from our latest travels, beautiful fresh peonies in a glass vase, a french dresser displaying my beloved Emma Bridgewater crockery and happy, family pictures smiling back at you. The kitchen is the heart of our home even now when we arent in our dream house and I always want this to be the case. Socialble, relaxed and always inviting. Yes please.

Would you like to see more? The house isn’t actually massive – I like it to be cosy and welcoming but not mansion-like. Too many toilets to clean otherwise!

Downstairs we have a utility room (mandatory), a small office – high tech all the way in there, a room where I throw stuff and forget about it (everyone needs this right?!), a warm and cosy lounge, a play room for the children and a downstairs cloakroom with the funkiest wallpaper you’ll ever see. It’s big enough – but you won’t find anything excessive like a gym or small waterpark in my home. I am just not that high maintenance.

I’d like the décor to be soft and warm, pretty pastel colours that let in the light and soft furnishings that make you want to sit and relax. Family pictures will be everywhere – I get this from my mum. It makes me so happy to relive great memories at every corner and I don’t give a fig if they look out of place. I love them anyway.

Upstairs we have five doubles, so it’s sizeable up there but then again we do have four children. The children’s rooms all have their own distinctive personalities applied – there will be no generic décor imposed on them because this is their space and their sanctuary. Clever storage? Well, that’s a must in a big and busy household but colour, chaos and riot do tend to reign supreme in children’s bedrooms no matter how loud you call for order!

Our bedroom though? That’s where the real sancturay begins. It’s an out of bounds area for the children – they have the run of everywhere else after all. A massive master suite complete with a bathroom (roll top bath is NOT optional, it’s happening!) and his and hers dressing rooms and a king size bed the size of Belgium. It’s grown up, welcoming and with just the right amount of sass. Our haven away from the pressures of family life.

Of course the kids have a bathroom too (just one) with a walk in shower and huge bath but I try not to look in there too often. You never know what you’ll find.

Outside of the house there is a double garage and a workshop for Mr S but this is MY dream house, not his so let’s brush over that boring detail. Who wants to know about lawn mowers after all?!

This is my dream home and if I close my eyes I can imagine the exact feeling of opening that front door to our home. Writing it all down has really spurred me on to work harder, save harder and reach my goals sooner rather than later. I’m a big believer in visualising where you want to be in five years and making a plan to get there. Hopefully in a few years I will come back to you and show you that I’ve made it happen – fingers crossed anyway!

Sooo….let’s leave reality behind for a bit and leave me a comment telling me the the best thing about your dream home and what you’re going to do to get there one day.

Until next time – make your dreams a reality








This is a collaborative post


  1. Mr S
    July 15, 2017 / 23:58

    Do not underestimate the power of the (double) mancave my love x

  2. July 18, 2017 / 12:02

    I agree with you: the idea of moving house makes me hyperventilate 🙂 If I can stay in my house forever, I’ll be a happy bunny! I would love a bigger garden though (and a gardener haha). Your last photo is absolutely stunning!
    Mel recently posted…10 Chores Children Can Help with & Persil Powergems ReviewMy Profile

  3. July 18, 2017 / 16:35

    I hated moving house the last time. I would much rather get someone just change my home!

  4. July 18, 2017 / 16:54

    This sounds exactly like my dream home lovely, if only x

  5. Michelle Murray
    July 19, 2017 / 19:43

    Love the sound of your dream house. Hope you get your wish

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