Reigniting a love for learning with education quizzes

Zak has lost his love for learning. Which is a predicament when we are back from the Easter break and heading full throttle into SATS test territory. For those of you who don’t know –  this is the governments Standard Assessment Tests given to all children in state schools during the final year of primary education. They get tested on the core reading, writing, mathematics, science territories and are used to gauge how effective the teaching provision is in schools.

They are not designed to stress the children out, make them worry or overburden them with thoughts of failure but in fact they often do. SATS revision has been a constant and fractious part of our home life over the past six months with practice papers and tempers flying all over the house. Despite my personal reservations about over-testing our children at this young and impressionable age, he is sitting his SATS in the  next three weeks whether I like it or not and so I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure he is as prepared as possible.

Needless to say, he is less than impressed by all of the extra work.

For me, it seems such a shame that my sons education is being narrowed down to such a base level at what is a highly impressionable age. At the root of it, education is such a wonderful thing. It’s incredible that we are given so much opportunity to learn and that the learning process in fact never ends. I was raised in a really “bookish” family. Encouraged to read, question and explore the world through knowledge and led to believe that a good education is almost everything. I maintain that it is true. It is the foundation of all we do and are as a society and a love of learning is something I hope I will pass on to my children.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to get Zak to see this when he is pigeon holed into a standardised testing system. The emphasis at school feels as though this is the only thing that matters. Pass or fail. Win or lose. To some extent, I suppose that’s real life but it’s still a shame that we are reducing education to this level.

Anyway, to combat this rigorous testing system that has become the norm, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to show Zak that learning can still be fun and can be about a lot more than sitting down under exam conditions and regurgitating lessons (hopefully) learned. He is an online child (aren’t they all these days) and fundamentally loves to learn and so when I stumbled across Education Quizzes online, I knew that this was going to be a really handy resource in my quest for reigniting his love for education.


Education quizzes is a clever resource full of educational style quizzes, games, information and puzzles for enquiring minds ranging from KS1 right through to GCSE level.  It has been proven that most people learn better by applying knowledge through puzzles, quizzes and mind games as opposed to sitting and regurgitating a text book for hours on end. It is most definitely a style of learning that Zak favours and in fact as a family we have all enjoyed getting stuck into some of these quizzes. A little bit of healthy competition on a Friday evening in place of our usual game of Monopoly has been a fun and quirky change to our routines and is just the sort of learning activity that I relish for my children.

As a parent, I feel reassured that this resource has been designed and written by qualified teachers and have the depth of knowledge that will certainly support the national curriculum. However, the best part is that you can spend much more time on the areas of the curriculum that are ignored or rushed through in a fun and engaging manner. Equally, you are not confined to one subject or stage of learning. Zak has been trying the sections for older children and benefiting from being challenged a bit more than he is used to.

Subscription is £9.95 a month which I think is great value when you consider the costs involved with tutors. However, if this seems a lot then you can encourage your child’s school to sign up for as little as £2 per child. Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

For more information, you can visit the Education Quizzes website here.


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  1. Julia
    April 24, 2017 / 12:25

    This sounds a brilliant idea. I fancy doing these quizzes myself even though my children all grown up!

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