#GetYourStripes This Christmas

Alder Hey Children’s hospital is an incredible place, filled with dedicated men and women who help improve the lives of over 275,000 children and their families each year. If you live in the North then it’s higly likely you yourself will either have been there or know someone who has used their services. In fact a member of my family is currently undergoing some investigations and treatment under the care of Alder Hey Children’s hospital as we speak. It’s a place that touches so many lives and a bit of an unsung hero round these parts.

I was beyond thrilled to be asked to work with Matalan who have teamed up with Alder Hey’s Children’s charity for this year’s highly anticipated #GetYourStripes campaign.

#GetYourStripes Pyjama Party

Each year, for the past three years, Matalan have run a charity campaign and this year they are capturing the spirit of Christmas with the #GetYourStripes campaign. Spending time together as a family is in essence what the festive period is all about and so festive fun and family down time are the name of the game this year. And mince pies obvs!

Anyhoo, they have created this adorable stripy pyjama range for all the family. Adults, children, babies and even the pooches are in on the action. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how cute my pups look in their stripey jumpers…

#GetYourStripes Pyjama Party


There are also matching stripy socks and mugs which are equally fun. I’m pretty sure that you will have seen these darling pj’s in store / online because when I put up the above image on my Instagram, you lot went a bit nuts. Everyone was after these pj’s and it’s not hard to see why.

Over the past three years Matalan has raised a whopping £1.3million for this amazing charity! In a world of greed, me-me-me-me’ing and endless consumerism, this act of charity is a real breath of fresh air. It’s very rare to hear of 100% profit going to any charity isn’t it? But that’s exactly what happens with Matalan and Alder Hey.

So last week to kick it all off, Matalan hosted the biggest pyjama party ever in a bid to bring families together for some fun down-time and to raise awareness for this awesome campaign. We were so excited to join in and hold our own pyjama party at home.

To get us in the mood, the lovely people at Matalan sent us a box of goodies:

  • Two Get Your Stripes mugs and the most incredible MilkyWay hot chocolate to fill them – yum!
  • A retro snack pot and some delicious salted Butterkist salted popcorn – double yum!
  • Mini heroes chocs (yep, I snaffled them ahead of time – very bad of me I know!)
  • Twister – I haven’t played this in yonks and it was so much fun teaching Zak how to play this. Not so sure Sophie grasped the aim of the game however (all the LOL’s)
  • The cosiest, softest, fleeciest Christmas blanket from Matalan
  • An adorable little elf beaker and straw for Miss Princess Pants (that name might stick!)

#GetYourStripes Pyjama Party

It was actually my first day back at work post-maternity leave that day and leaving Sophie for the first day had left me feeling emotionally exhausted and in need of some quality time with my babies. Our little pyjama party was the perfect antidote to a difficult day.

This is in essence, the whole point of this year’s #GetYourStripes campaign.  Switch off your phones, laptops and life, shut out the world and spend quality, cosy time with your families over this festive period. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, all you need is time. And obviously the insanely cute, oh-so-festive, stripy pyjama’s. It’s for the best of causes after all.

Get Your Stripes and all the information you need on this lovely campaign right here.

This is a collaborative post with Matalan

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  1. Julia
    December 4, 2016 / 16:00

    Lovely idea & the stripey outfits are great

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