The importance of self-care in motherhood

What is self-care?

Self-care in simple terms is looking after you. Taking time out in your day to do the things that make you feel good! Giving yourself the right to do things for you and recognizing that your needs are just as important as those of your family.

The basic principal behind it is, if you are happy and fulfilled in life you are more likely to be a happier person and a better mother.

Why do mums need to focus more on self-care?

The day we give birth our lives change forever. Our babies and our families needs often come before our own! It is very easy to get lost in the daily routine of running a family and for some women, working as well.

Living a life where everybody else’s needs are a priority over yours is not always fulfilling and can cause a feeling of resentment and frustration.

Taking an hour out of your day to focus on yourself can do you the world of good. It can help to recharge your energy levels and distress.

Once you do decide to reclaim your life it is important to keep it going. Routines are wonderful. They set expectations for both you and the family. Your family knows when they need to leave you alone so that you can indulge in what makes you feel like you again.

Simple ways to start self-care

Self-care starts with your health and feeling good both on the inside and out.


Begin exercising if you don’t already.
Exercise does not have to be rigorous. If you are a new mum, there are various day-to-day activities you can engage in to stay active post pregnancy. It could be a simple walk each morning or a yoga class. If you are up for the challenge join a gym or a running group.
When we exercise a chemical called endorphins is released into our body, which helps to give us a natural high. You will feel fabulous and empowered.


Get plenty of sleep. Adults need 8 hours of sleep a night. If you’re still breastfeeding, wear a comfortable sleepwear and a supportive nursing sleep bra – though this is based on your personal preference as some might wish to wear it to bed to hold the breasts in place. Get yourself into a routine and stick with it. You will wake up in the morning feeling recharged


Make yourself a priority and keep regular healthcare check ups. Lock in dates in your calendar for Smear tests, Breast check ups, Skin checks and Blood tests.

If you notice something out of the ordinary get it checked out straight way.

Eat well

We are what we eat. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein and low GI carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole meal breads and grains.
Good quality fresh food will give you lasting energy and keep your weight and waste line healthy.

Other ‘Me time’ ideas you might want to consider for further fulfilment

– Reading
– Joining a sports team
– Volunteer work
– Joining an organization
– Gardening
– Baking
– Craft/painting
– Education
– Watching your favorite show on TV
– Lunch with friends
– Shopping
– Date night
– Spa day
– Pedicure
– Travel

The benefits of self-care

– Less stressed
– Feeling of self importance
– Good health
– Better mother
– Better partner to your husband
– Self confidence
– More patient with others
– Happier
– More energy
– Fulfilled
– A positive attitude/energy
– More willing to help others

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