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Have you heard of Kit & Kin? We hadn’t when they approached us to try out their range of eco friendly products but now that we have been trying the Kit & Kin products for around a month, I wanted to introduce you to them because I think you are really going to love them as much as I have.

Who are Kit & Kin and what do they make?

Kit & Kin is the brain child of Emma Bunton (yep – that’s baby spice to you and me). As a mama of two herself, she’s worked with a team to create a range of affordable, safe and importantly, eco-friendly products for babies including nappies, wipes, nappy bags and a lush range of skin products for both mama and baby.

Sustainability for the planet we are passing on to our children is BIG news right now and rightly so. I feel so strongly about this and nappy waste is one of the biggest bug bears of mine. We throw away over 8million nappies PER DAY in the UK alone and these nappies just sit in land fill sites, rotting away, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a hideous thought. It’s so lovely that Kit & Kin have this at the centre of their ethos as a brand and I really hope to see many more brands following suit.

I have to say at this point before we crack on with the review that I completely adore the Kit & Kin branding – so fresh, bright and fun and so with their brand and ethos of ‘better for you and better for the environment‘ combined, I was excited to try the range and report back.

So let’s get on with it; how did we get on with our Kit & Kin products?

Eco nappies

At £9.99 for a pack of 40 I would say they are a comparable price to the leading nappy brands. We loved their super cute little animal design on the bottom but more importantly than this, we have had NO leaks at all, which let me tell you is quite an achievement! We tried them in a size 5, led by the baby weight guidelines on the pack and they fitted beautifully.

Unfortunately, Sophie is extremely prone to bad nappy rash but over the last two years, we have been able to narrow the cause of it down to specific types of nappies. It wasn’t until I had Sophie that I even realised how many nasty chemicals were in the lining of nappies so I was relieved that the Kit & Kin nappies use significantly fewer than usual and were super gentle on her little bottom – in fact, we had no rashes at all!

I think when we first tried them, we were a little unsure how we would get on with them as they feel slightly stiffer than our usual supermarket brand of nappy but I can honestly say, I would repurchase them over and over again now because Sophie has never been uncomfortable at all and they are as good as any nappy we have tried but with the added eco friendly bonus.

Baby wipes – naturally clean

60 wipes for £2.70 – again a reasonable price point for the product in my opinion.

Made without any petrochemicals, chlorine or harsh chemicals these wipes have been our go-to wipes for bottoms, faces, sticky hands and all sorts over the past month. They are perhaps not as wet as the wipes I am used to using but they get the job done without any nasty chemicals going anywhere near that precious baby skin and we have really enjoyed using them.

Nappy sacks

60 sacks for £2.49.

There’s no denying that you can get nappy sacks a lot cheaper than this BUT the major difference is the Kit & Kin nappy sacks are eco friendly, using 100% sustainable materials and are also 100% compostable, biodegradable and fragrance-free.

I also loved the little design touches – when you pull one nappy sack out of the packet, the next one just pops right into place – never to be underestimated when you are holding down a wriggling toddler and dealing with a poonami. You can tell that they have been designed by a mama who knows the struggle!

Hair & body wash – naturally nourished

£7.99 for a 250ml bottle.

Babies skin is beautiful and it needs very gentle care taken with it. Warm water is best for newborn babies but if you do have a little grub-monster like my little wilding, you realistically need something that is going to clean the dirt but protect their delicate skin at the same time. Kit & Kin’s hair & body wash does the job so well. This may have been my favourite product out of the whole range.

Certified natural by the soil association, pH balanced and hypoallergenic, I had a feeling that I would love this gentle product and I was right – I did! Infused with mango and strawberry extract, the hair & body wash has a subtle but gorgeous scent and you can get a really good lather up with it. We have been using it in our swimming bag because it gently removes all that nasty swimming pool  chlorine and cleans Sophie’s hair with no tears, tangles or fuss. Very impressed with this one!

Kit & Kin skincare for mama’s

Stretch mark oil, breast balm and body butter complete the range for us mama’s. We tried the stretch mark oil (£9.99 for 100ml) and I thought this felt like a much more expensive, luxurious product. Made with a blend of 15 naturally nourishing oils including sunflower, jojoba, strawberry and mandarin, it smells lovely and really helps ease any tight or itchy skin.

As Mother’s Day is coming up, it occurred to me that packaging up a selection of Kit & Kin’s products into a little hamper for a new or expectant mama would be such a lovely gift like this one below.

For more information visit the Kit & Kin website at

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  1. February 27, 2018 / 13:36

    Ive seen these nappies before and always loved the look of them! I didn’t realise there was wet wipes and bath products too! I might have to get some for baby #3 due in 8 weeks time! #TriedTested

  2. March 2, 2018 / 12:14

    These look lovely! I think the nappy designs are so cute with the animal faces 🙂 I’m also all for sustainability and environmentally friendly stuff. We use mostly cloth nappies, but try choose environmentally friendly products for everything else as well and for the occasions when we do use disposable nappies.

  3. March 3, 2018 / 09:23

    Great review, will keep my eyes on these products.

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