Mother’s Day with Love Layla Designs

Mother’s Day is always a bit of a mix of emotions for me because I have spent most of them as a single mum. In general I am not one for soppy cards and messages anyway but I used to wish there was someone who could help my son make up a little card or get breakfast in bed together for me. That’s the thing about big holidays – they often make parenting outside of the “normal” 2.2 happy family thing feel a bit, well…a bit small I guess. Different anyway.

So when a brand called Love Layla got in touch to ask if I would review their Mother’s Day range, I kind of rolled my eyes, I’m not going to lie. More soppy cards all written around the “perfect” family (FYI – no such thing) I thought to myself.

But how WRONG could I have been?!

Mother's Day Love Layla Designs

Love Layla is a brand that gets me. A bit rude, tongue in cheek, witty, often getting the point spot on in under 30 characters (ok, that bit is def not me) – the Love Layla collection has something for everyone who has a sense of humour and a distaste for three pages of floral poetry.

Love Layla create:

  • cards
  • balloons
  • wrapping paper
  • wine labels (my fave) and
  • badges

all with a slightly dry humour and a modern twist to the usual barf you get served up in card shops.

The cards are blank inside so you can write your own short note / heartfelt message / essay if you so wish and that is just the way I like it.

Mother's Day cards with a difference Love Layla Designs

If you know a mum who is doing it all this Mother’s Day and running solo with this parenting thing then why not take a second to think of them, pop over and pick up a card from Love Layla designs for £3.75, wrap up a box of choccies with their funny wrapping paper, stick one of their LOL wine labels on a bottle and give that hard-working mother a little something to smile about this Mother’s Day.

There are of course a whole range of designs to choose from, with plenty of PG and non-PG variety depending on who you are buying for. There is even a selection of Grandma cards which I am eyeing up because in all honesty, the Grandma’s in our family do as much (if not more) work than the mothers – we definitely subscribe to the theory it takes a village to raise a child and I think it’s a lovely way to acknowledge that.

So if you know a lovely mother with a great sense of humour I definitely can recommend this brand. The website is super easy to navigate, the posting process was super speedy and they are offering free delivery on all orders.

For more information visit 

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  1. Julia
    February 22, 2018 / 12:01

    This looks a great idea! I’ll check them out xx

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