Get Outdoors With Steve BackShall and Mountain Warehouse

Zak loves being outdoors just like one of his favourite TV presenters, Steve Backshall. Not so much handling deadly creatures but he is happiest outdoors / up a tree / in the mud / camping / hiking / Scouting etc. As a result, he needs practical clothes that withstand the beating he is sure to put them through.

Mountain Warehouse have come to my rescue this week with their latest collection from Steve Backshall. In an effort to encourage children away from their screens and into the great outdoors, Steve Backshall has teamed up with Mountain Warehouse to create a range of outdoors clothing for kids aged 7 – 13. The collection features items ranging from bright tops and sturdy walking boots, right through to hats, gloves, trekker trousers and warm coats. We were invited to choose a few pieces from the AW16 range and to put them through their paces.

The first test was whether Zak would actually like or wear anything from the collection. That might sound odd but at 11 years old, kids these days have a definite style of their own. He does not want his Mama (he’d die of embarrassment if he saw me calling myself that!) choosing his outfits anymore. He has his own sense of style and I apparently have no clue as to what’s “in”. Luckily, the lure of Steve Backshall’s uber coolness was enough to get Zak sat down in front of the computer to choose a few pieces. My only problem was just choosing three – he wanted them all! In the end we narrowed it down to these three pieces:

  • Steve Backshall Gorilla Youth Tee in Grey
  • Steve Backshall Shark Inforgraphic Youth Tee
  • Steve Backshall Wolf Youth Hoodie
    Steve Backshall Shark Inforgraphic Youth Tee
    It’s safe to say that all three items have passed the “coolness” test and I love them too. Zak’s worn them just about everywhere – out walking the dogs in the muddy fields, playing out with his friends, even surprisingly when we went out to Manchester for his birthday meal. Not to mention zip-lining, scrabbling and crawling across the tree tops at Rivington last week!

Steve Backshall Wolf Youth Hoodie
zak-go-apeSteve Backshall Gorilla Youth Tee

Steve Backshall Clothes Love List

  • Roomy sizes that leave plenty of room for active kids to move about comfortably
  • Original prints that match up to a pre-teen’s style expectations
  • Hard-wearing – it’s nice to see that they actually go the distance
  • Wash and reshape incredibly well – a must when you’ve got mucky kids!
  • Practical and versatile
  • Good value for money

I always like to give a balanced review  but in this instance, I have nothing negative to say about the pieces that we tried. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and buy a lot more of the range now and I will probably do just that!

Mountain Warehouse are a brilliant brand for outdoors clothes and are one that I’ve used for myself for many years. It’s great to be able to continue using the brand for my children and feel confident that whatever the weather we can head outdoors for some family fun looking good and donning some seriously hard-wearing gear.

If you’re looking for good quality outdoors clothes for your pre-teen then I’d definitely recommend checking out the Steve Backshall collection at Mountain Warehouse.


I was sent these pieces of clothing in return for an open and honest review.

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  1. Julia
    October 31, 2016 / 13:44

    This is a great range of clothing, I totally agree! Great post & photos too

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