I’ve been nominated for an award in the Northern Blog Awards!

I can’t quite believe that I’m about to write this and it feels really rather un-British of me but….I’ve been nominated for best Parenting blog in the Northern Blog Awards. I expect that doesn’t mean much to you but to me it means a whole load of things. Not least that the words I’m writing and the time I put into this little piece of the internet are being read and noticed by other people. As a writer, I guess that is probably the biggest accolade of them all (bar maybe a book deal!)

I am here to ask that you consider voting for me and my blog. Your votes will count for around 60% of the final decision, with judges voting taking up the rest and although I feel like shrivelling up inside at the cringe-worthiness of asking for votes, I want to win it so here I am.

If you want to skip straight to voting (might be wishful thinking on my part) then please

Follow this link here to the Northern Blog Awards page and fill in the form.

It’s really quick, you just need an email address and your name. You will find me under the Parenting blogger category next to several, probably more well-deserving bloggers.

Best Mummy blogger in the Northern Blog Awards

If you would like to read about why I think I should win (double cringe), sit back, grab your violins and enjoy the emotional spectacle about to unfold….

Just over one year ago, I sat in my dirty old dressing gown, bleary eyed, curling my toes at the agony of breastfeeding my brand new daughter. I was angry. I was angry that my body was letting me down (it’s not supposed to hurt apparently *eye rolls*), I was angry that people kept giving me advice that didn’t work and I wished someone else would have the balls (maybe that should be tits?!) to stand up in their dirty dressing gowns and say “you know what, it IS hard for us too and that’s ok.” And so, I penned a post to do just that – to reach out to other new mothers and say “hey, this is sh!t but it’s not your fault and you are doing great anyway.”

That was the glamorous start to A Mum Track Mind, which quickly evolved as I threw myself head first into both maternity leave and the all encompassing life of a mother second time around.

The second post I wrote was a letter to my teenage self. I had my first baby at 18 when I was frightened and overwhelmed in equal amounts. This post somehow was picked up by Mumsnet (I think one of the three people reading my blog  must have shared it) and comments flooded in.

I was hooked. To think that since then I’ve been fortunate enough to write for some of the biggest publications in the parenting arena, aired my opinions on national television and radio, been given so many amazing opportunities and drew in a crowd of people who for some reason keep coming back time and again to read my ramblings blows my mind.


the absolute best thing about this blog is the feeling that I have somehow made other parents feel less lonely. I get so many lovely emails where you tell me that something I’ve written has made you laugh or sometimes cry and more often than not feel less alone in the trenches of motherhood is actually a bit of a privilege for me.

I am not an all out glamorous, Instagram Queen. I am not that perfect mother who never yells “leave me alone!” at her offspring and only provides organic produce for dinner. I am not the woman who can and does have it all. I am simply me, Fi – the one time teenage mother who everyone said would never achieve anything once I fell pregnant at such a young age. Although older and (dubiously) wiser, I am just a really average mum, winging my way through parenting and capturing it all on my blog to share with other ordinary parents.

The success and opportunities that you might see me enjoying on my blog are down to sheer grit, determination and hard work and most of all a passion for connecting with you lot.

If you love my blog, if you think an ordinary, hard-working mum of two with a permanently messy home and an embarrassingly candid writing style should win the award for the best parenting blog in the North, then please do vote for me.

Voting closes July 31st but please do think about giving me a little vote if you get a minute. It would mean the world and I will send you free wine in return…

Now for the shameless, mahoosive link drop to the voting page…


Thank you so much – you are all awesome



PS: I won't actually send wine but I will raise a glass to you all on the night of the awards do x


    • Fi
      July 19, 2017 / 21:03

      Thank you 🙂

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