10 Toddler friendly Halloween activities

Toddler friendly Halloween activities – it’s a bit of a tricky one.. Either they are going to love all of the dressing up and goulish fun or they’re going to have a bit of a wobble and continue to ask for Mr Tumble. I’m going to hazard a guess that Sophie is going to sit in the Mr Tumble camp being that this is her new current obsession and she is seriously sensitive.

If I’m honest I don’t get the whole Halloween thing. Why do I want to celebrate all the things that freak me out? Like giant spiders and that Scream mask that is still not ok all these years later. No. Just no. So I’m feeling a bit bah humpumpkin about it all to be honest. And yet each year I dress the house up and go all out in my bid to fit in with neighbours and the childrens expectations of spookery. Shallow or what.

That is by the by though because Halloween is B-I-G news and getting bigger thanks to the influence from our American buddies across the pond. If you like Halloween then wow oh wow they know how to do it over there!

So getting back to these toddler friendly Halloween activities, I’ve asked some parents for their recommendations of ways in which we can enter into the season of spooks at a toddler friendly level and as always the Pinterest savvy crew didn’t disappoint.

What? You didn’t think I’d come up with craft suggestions on my own did you? I’m just here to share the fun.

Happy Halloween my loves.

Make your own handprint cards using paint. This is something I had a go at with my 15 month old. We’ve made some cute pumpkin cards for the grandparents – Rebecca

Making Apple pops – get some cake pop sticks and cover in choc then wither use Halloween sprinkles or mini marshmallows – a bit like toffee apples but a tad healthier – Lianne Marie.

How about getting your craft on and turning cardboard tubes into Mummies? Want to know how then head over to Jenny’s blog here.

Pumpkin pie anyone? Sophie-Mei suggests scooping out the insides of pumpkins and popping into a pastry crust. Yum!

This one is my favourite as it involves approximately zero amounts of glue or paint…Take your baby to a pumpkin patch – Get adorable pictures of your munchkin amongst pumpkins, and extra fun can be had if it’s on a farm with animals or hay rides – Elizabeth

toddler friendly Halloween activities

Get into the kitchen! Probably the most satisfying way to spend a rainy afternoon and these white chocolate no-bake eyeball cakes look super easy to make – Emma.

Halloween spiders and crafts – the cuddley kind! To be honest there are enough real spiders coming into the house right now but these do look pretty cute! If you fancy crafting up a storm then head over to Megans blog for the how-to’s.

Paper plate pumpkins – this one is mine (I know, don’t be too shocked). Paper plate – paint it (and all furniture in the surrounding area) orange – stick on some black triangles for eyes etc and voila! The fun is all in the painting really. Less so in the tidying up afterwards but hey, they’re worth it right?

If you are short on hobby craft supplies, it can be just as fun to paint little pumpkins, or even tangerines or oranges. Equally a piece of paper cut out in the shape of a ghost can serve well if there are lots of cotton wool balls to glue onto it. You don’t have to have expensive art supples to craft with toddlers because inevitably they will get bored after ten mins (maximum) anyway.

Conker painting – this one is mine as well and disclaimer – it is M-E-S-S-Y with a capital MESS. Get a tray and some paints and paint those conkers that you have collected. This one has the double time bonus of having to get out in the fresh air to collect them and then killing another half an hour at home. That has got to earn you half an hour of peace and Cbeebies afterwards right?!

Thanks to all the ladies who offered their toddler friendly Halloween wisdom to me. I am definitely excited to try out some of these activities with Sophie this Halloween. Despite the fact that I’m a self-professed craft HATER, she is most definitely not and I find myself having to eat my words a little bit. Seeing her squeal with excitement when the craft box (Yes I have a craft box – I don’t know what has happened to my life either) comes out does encourage me to try harder to do these kinds of things with her. How life changes hey.

For more inspiration for toddler friendly Halloween activities, head over to my Pinterest boards for fun foodie and craft activities and if you do try any of these suggestions then let me know – I want to see your creations!





  1. Julia
    October 8, 2017 / 16:07

    I think most of those activities could be adapted for those people who don’t do Halloween, couldn’t they! It’s certainly an American money making event, isn’t it!

  2. October 11, 2017 / 23:36

    I feel a bit like you about Halloween, I never take mine trick or treating but a couple of years ago my Son went on about it for about 6 months (no joke) about why could he have gone out with his friends. Although I explained nicely, well mostly nicely the reason, he was still not impressed. Since then I arrange to get them dressed up and head round to friends or families houses to do that whole ‘trick or treat’ thing, so it’s prep arranged with people I know and who are happy for my little monsters to turn up.
    Sarah recently posted…Halloween Chic…My Profile

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