Top 10 Things To Buy In The January Sales

The January sales are all about picking up a bargain obviously. Spending for spending’s sake isn’t cool though, especially if money is a bit tight after Christmas. So instead of hitting the shops for a big old splurge, for me the January sales are all about planning for the year ahead.

There are bargains to be had and I almost always find them online. There’s little chance that I am going to elbow my way through the shops, fighting over the last item in my size on the racks, with a screaming baby in tow. Instead, I have a list of things in my head from December on-wards that I know I want to get in the sales. Sometimes I want to see the item in real life before I buy it. If that’s the case, I will have been to find one in store before the sales hit and then add it to my list once I know exactly what I want. Having a plan is the only way to resist the urge to blow out your credit card limit. Or it is for me anyway.

So, plan in hand I can make a cup of wine tea, pull on my pj’s and shop from the comfort of  my own home.

What to buy in the January sales

  • Christmas decorations for the following year. I know, Christmas has only just finished but it will roll round again next year as sure as bread makes toast. If you want to change your colour scheme or you have broken one too many baubles this year then stock up whilst they are half price.
  • Out of season clothes for the kids. I’ve bought basically my children’s whole Winter wardrobes for next year in the sales already and saved an absolute fortune as a result. You do have to have some idea of what size you think your kids will be obviously but I think most parents can gauge this pretty well. I’ve also picked up a few bits from end of line Summer stock that is still hanging around for next Summer.
  • Next year’s stocking fillers. They are dirt cheap at this time of year – do it and squirrel them away.
  • Big ticket birthday items. Bikes, scooters, TV’s (??) – If one of your family is getting a big ticket item this year then get it now. Presuming there is somewhere to hide it of course!

Top 10 things to buy in the January Sales

  • Wedding presents. Bit of a weird one but going to a wedding can really add up. If you know there is one coming up then do yourself a favour and buy a gift at half price in the sales. Or you could wait for the wedding list to come out and pay double…
  • Newborn must haves. Hvaing a baby in 2017 (lucky thing you) then stock up on all your newborn must-have’s now.
  • HD TV’s – new stock lines are added in February so you can pick up some stonking deals in January if you are in the market for a new set.
  • Camping equipment. It’s completely out of season and camping is the furthest thing from all of our minds. That’s exactly why you should shop now because the shops will be flogging it.
  • Anything for the garden, BBQ’s etc. Same reason as above.
  • Your flights for summer holidays. Low cost airlines start their summer flight sales in January. You can really pick up some great deals if you can be organised to book them this far in advance.

So put on your pj’s, make yourself a drink, plan ahead and save yourself a lot of money for 2017.

Happy shopping




    • Fi
      December 28, 2016 / 18:15

      Thanks! It’s definitely the time to pick up a camping related bargain or two. Happy shopping!

  1. January 10, 2017 / 23:13

    Thanks for the tips. There’s at least 3 things from this list I need to get!:) super savvy me 😉

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