Top Family Arts & Crafts Projects For 2018

Your kids are another year older, but that doesn’t mean they won’t find arts and crafts fun anymore. Maybe last year’s projects aren’t as interesting to them any longer, but these top family arts and crafts are fun for your whole family, of all ages.

Grab your kids and see what they think. It’s always best to ask them what they’d like to try out, that way you can avoid any unneeded tantrums – and as parents, we all know how tiring a good old toddler tantrum is!

Stained plastic

You can buy suitable and safe sheets of plastic at Simply Plastics to use for your project. So, once you’ve got your plastic sheets fill up a few cups with paint, glitter, toothpicks and PVA glue.

You can use any decorations you have at hand, so don’t panic about having to purchase all of these ingredients.

Next, let your kid’s mix glue, paint, glitter and whatever else you have onto the panels. They can then make swirls and patterns with the toothpicks. Just be sure they do this before the glue dries!

Dinosaur fossils

According to this recipe from rainy day mum, you can mix up a concoction of salt, water and flour to make a quick-drying salt dough.

All you need is ½ a cup of salt, ½ a cup of water and 1 cup of flour mixed together and kneaded. Make sure you add the water slowly as you might not require all of it.

Once you and your kids have got your salt dough ready, they can press toy dinosaurs into pieces of flattened dough. This will make an imprint in the dough, creating a fossil!

Lastly, allow to air dry and paint as desired.

Leaf animals

This one is super easy, which makes it perfect for your little ones. Simply take them on an adventure around the garden or make a day out of it and visit a forest. Set them off with a plastic bag and give them the mission to hunt for pretty fallen leaves.

Once collected, they can glue the leaves (gently if they’re browning and crumbling) onto card or paper.

Next, ask them to draw eyes on the leaves and make them into creatures – they can get as creative as possible with this, and even use different forestry to decorate. Twigs and sticks are perfect for limbs!

Additionally, if your kids are really young, you can draw up animals and creatures beforehand. They can then glue their leaves on wherever they like, to incorporate them into the picture.

Bug hotel

You can find out how to create a mini bug hotel in more depth at Families online.

However, here are the basics:

Firstly, grab an empty loo roll, cut it down the side and decorate the outside. Next, place sticks in the cut roll and tie it up back into a cylinder, with twine.

Lastly, place somewhere in your garden and revisit it every day. You never know, you could find a caterpillar or ladybug in their one day!
Which arts and crafts projects did you enjoy most?

Perhaps you and your family enjoyed creating leaf animals or making a tiny bug hotel out of loo roll. Whatever they loved most, let us know in the comments. Additionally, send us over some pictures of their final products, maybe you have a little Picasso in your hands!

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