30 Ways To Celebrate Turning 30

I’m turning 30 this month. It’s a big thing to leave your twenties behind isn’t it? As if two children, a mortgage, one big ol’ career and a non-husband didn’t make me feel adult enough – this surely will.

Big or small, in denial or embracing it, it’s going to happen, I’m turning 30 and so I want to see it in with a bang.

We were going to go to New York as you will know if you’ve been reading for a while. What actually happened was I chickened out. Although I want to see the bright lights very much, I actually have absolutely zero desire to leave my children behind at the moment and so I have an open ticket for another time in the future. So many of my friends and family raised an eyebrow at this decision as though I must be beyond crazy to pass up this opportunity for a child-free break. For whatever reason, I don’t want to do it though. One of the things I’ve noticed as I tip over into my thirties, is that I actually have stopped caring what people think of me. So I’m staying with my kids for the time being and that’s that.

However, one night away I can manage and so we are off to London. I love our capital city and it never fails to amaze, inspire and exhaust me in equal measures.

Fancy dinner, posh hotel, top West End tickets and all that jazz. Literally. It’s going to be fabulous and just what I want to do.

If you are turning 30 soon and are a bit stuck for inspiration then here are thirty ways that you might like to celebrate:

  1. On a beach with or without your family. And I mean in the sunshine. Why not book yourself a little mini break somewhere warm and really get away from it all.
  2. If extreme thrill seeking is your thing then why not try something really different like a zipline course or if you’re really brave, sky diving?
  3. A big party.
  4. A small, intimate dinner with the people closest to you.
  5. Have a portrait or professional photoshoot done so you can look back and remember how fabulous you were at thirty.
  6. A spa day or weekend.
  7. A city break somewhere fabulous.
  8. Cross 30 things off your bucket list across the course of the year.
  9. A concert or festival if that’s your thing.
  10. Invest in a hobby- for me this would be photography.
  11. Learn to ski or snowboard – you could even do this with the whole family and work towards a proper skiing holiday.
  12. Set yourself a challenge and complete it such as running a marathon.
  13. Have a mammoth shopping spree and buy yourself that one item you have always wanted (Mulberry handbag anyone?)
  14. Have an image overhaul – a new hair do, a makeup lesson from a professional and a personal shopping experience.
  15. A girl’s only weekend away. Think champs, laughter and all round relaxation.
  16. Write a book – you know you have one in you.
  17. Start your own blog and see how it can change your life!
  18. Get the do-good feeling by making thirty wishes come true for other people (love this one!)
  19. Wine/gin/beer tasting. Always a good idea.
  20. Take the pressure of the celebrations, put on your pj’s and stay in with good food and your family. Maybe have a family game night?
  21. Get someone to take the kids for one night and have a proper lie in the next day.
  22. Book a lovely hotel room for the night, switch off all social media and phones and enjoy movies and room service.
  23. Have a flight in a helicopter – I really recommend this!
  24. Visit the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Amazing to see this just once.
  25. Take a trip of a lifetime if you are lucky enough.
  26. Take a class – cooking, cake decorating, a new language – whatever takes your fancy!
  27. Make a baby!
  28. Have a proper night out, bar crawl, karaoke, crazy dancing, hangovers – the lot!
  29. Make a life plan for the next ten years.
  30. Do whatever it is YOU  want to do.


I hope this helps if you are stuck with ways to celebrate turning 30 and if you already have then let me know how you celebrated in the comments box below.



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  1. Julia
    January 7, 2017 / 05:01

    The Moulin Rouge is a fantastic show!

  2. January 8, 2017 / 19:30

    aw Fi you are a spring chicken! I turned 30 back in 2010 and by coincidence I was in Las Vegas for work. this was pre-b so the hubby flew out to meet me and we had a wonderful four days there. NYC can wait – it will be there. as I’ve gotten older and passed my mid-30s now (ouch!) I care less and less what people think. you do what you want. London sounds fantastic and NYC will be there later! xx
    Emma me and b make tea recently posted…6 Business and Marketing Blogs You Should Read Now!My Profile

  3. January 9, 2017 / 11:03

    I turned 30 in 2016! So many people couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to leave my children and go away for a few days or go with them. I spent my actual birthday taking my girls to the zoo and having a takeaway so I didn’t have to cook! It is the little things as a mum isn’t it! I did go out for a posh child free meal with hubbie tho and have some vouchers for a spa day 🙂 Hope you enjoy yours! Heres to fabulous 30s!

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